Huawei aims for the best place for smartphones, with or without the US market UU – TechCrunch

Last year, Huawei marked a remarkable bright spot in a smart phone market that it was otherwise marking. It was a remarkable increase for the phone maker, given the slowdown in sales in China, not to mention the phone manufacturer's tenuous relationship with the governments of the United States and Canada.

Reuters sees a 50 percent increase in revenue in 2018, courtesy of a broad range of consumer products and telecommunications. As Samsung and Apple recognize their own future in the space of smart phones, Huawei believes that it has a reasonable chance of reaching the number 1 spot in global sales despite the continuing concerns of espionage.

"Even without the United States market we will be number one [smartphone maker] in the world, "Huawei Consumer CEO Richard Yu told the service. "I think at the earliest this year, and next year at the most."

The company offered a look at its own 5G plans this week, including a new modem and a chip set, the latest of which is expected to be used by a folding smartphone that it plans to present next month at the Mobile World Congress.

Huawei certainly has an impulse on his side. The company is also clearly doing something right, since it has been able to counteract the economic depression, the slower update cycles and other factors that have led to a global fall in smartphones.

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