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HTC's Independent Vive Focus launches in China for $ 600

In addition to the prices and availability, HTC also shed more light on the internal specifications. We already knew about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset inside the Vive Focus, and now we are also told that there is a 2.880 x 1,600 AMOLED one-piece screen, which is actually sharper than the 2,160 x 1,200 composite Vive. by two AMOLED panels. While both headphones have the same 110-degree field of view, the Vive Focus's 75 Hz refresh rate is a bit slower than Vive's 90 Hz. Unfortunately, the mechanism of the tracking module from the inside out remains a mystery at the moment. There is still no figure on the weight, but as mentioned in our hands, he felt lighter than his counterpart.

In terms of battery life, HTC states that a single charge is valid for up to three hours of continuous duration. use or for a week in standby mode. And like any smartphone, you can connect the Vive Focus to a power source, ideally a portable battery for total freedom, while using it to exceed the three-hour limit. When it runs out, you can make the device come back to life with Quick Charge 3.0 via USB-C. In terms of connectivity, Vive Focus has WiFi and Bluetooth, but there is no cell radio here. The WiFi part is also compatible with Miracast for transmitting to televisions, which worked well during the demonstrations I saw at the launch event last month. And speaking of Bluetooth, it is to connect accessories like the included 3DoF controller, which works with two AAA batteries for up to 30 hours of use.

That's pretty much in terms of recent details regarding HTC's Live Focus. As before, it is still not clear if this VR headset will ever leave China and will face face to face with the Oculus Santa Cruz Project (not to be confused with the Oculus Go for only $ 199, 3DoF). That said, with the apparent flexibility of porting content through Daydream and Vive Wave, HTC's VR efforts in China should be beneficial for Lenovo's upcoming Daydream Standars VR device, which the rest of the world can still expect.

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