HTC files of the Vive Cosmos brand.

HTC may finally launch its Vive Focus stand-alone headset to companies this month, but a new brand presentation makes us wonder what else the company is working on.

The Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer recently introduced a trademark in the EUIPO (it was first detected by the Dutch site Mobielkopen) for something called "Live Cosmos". There is no exact description of what the name refers to, but the list indicates that it is related to a "head-mounted screen for computer-simulated reality", among other things, such as "eye pieces for head-mounted displays". "and" handheld controllers for use in simulated reality environment computers. "All that sounds like virtual reality.

These terms make us wonder if the trademark could be referring to a new HTC VR headset, as a successor to the Vive Pro or maybe a new name for the Vive Focus, once it gets those promising six degree of freedom drivers ( 6DOF) I saw earlier this month. This is a complete speculation on our part, but we wonder if the company could be planning a new PC-based Live that takes advantage of HTC's new out-of-the-box tracking technology, like the new rumored Oculus Rift S. Or maybe it's something that does. accommodate the new Valve SteamVR technology as the Knuckles controllers.

Interestingly, the registered trademark also points out that the list is related to 'computer peripherals for mobile devices to access and transmit data remotely', suggesting that whatever this new product might be linked to wireless virtual reality. Maybe a new Vive could come with HTC's recently released Live adapter technology from HTC (which some Ryzen owners have to return) integrated?

Either way, the appearance of the online listing makes us hope that any HTC planning will show up in the New Year. The company used CES 2018 to announce the Vive Pro headset, so maybe we can see something there.

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