How Trump’s justices put a pin on the ‘Stop the Steal’ balloon

On Monday, the last judicial shoe fell on Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election when the US Supreme Court rejected his third and final challenge in high court. As the United States moves into the presidency of Biden, the court ruling exemplifies why the judiciary is our nation’s strongest bulwark against authoritarianism. In fact, during the greatest threat to our democracy in modern history, the American judicial system was our last line of defense, demonstrating, as Andrew Jackson wrote, “All the rights guaranteed to citizens by the Constitution are worth nothing … except guaranteed by an independent and virtuous judiciary. “

When Donald Trump left office in January as president for a term, however, he had a major impact on the American judicial system. In four years, Trump had appointed 226 judges to the federal court, including 54 to the court of appeals. This latest number is just one less judge than Barack Obama appointed to that court in his eight years as president. Of the 13 federal appeals courts in the country, Trump managed to change three from liberal to conservative majorities. Meanwhile, his three Supreme Court justices were the most appointed in a single term since Richard Nixon. Indeed, Trump’s mark on the American judiciary will be long-lasting and deep.


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