How to Wean Your Baby off the Rock ‘N Play

When Fisher-Price recalled his very popular "sleeper" from Rock & N 'Play earlier this month, parents deprived of sleep let out a collective sigh of frustration. For some parents, especially those whose babies have reflux, the slight tilt and cozy structure (not to mention its vibration feature) was a blessing during the nap and, yes, the night.

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Unfortunately, the features that helped soothe babies to sleep are also characteristics that make it dangerous. Babies can roll, get trapped and suffocate and the tilt can make your airway compress.

That's why our best advice and advice from almost all the experts we have found is this: stop using it right now.

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However, the problem, as writer Patrick A. Coleman points out in Fatherly, is that many parents will not stop using Rock & # 39; N Play until they know what to do in their place:

What the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) has done in the Rock & # 39; n Play recall is not much help for parents who feel that they are losing an important tool in their arsenal. Children will continue to be hurt by dangerous products like these until parents receive not just a warning, but a better way.

In that spirit, neonatal nurse and certified lactation consultant Jilly Blankenship created a plan to help parents wean their babies from Rock 'N Play and place them in a crib or crib, as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

"I think the safest advice is to go cold," says Blankenship. But for parents of babies who are struggling to adapt, she devised a plan to make the transition "as soon as possible," which she defines as 2 to 3 days, maximum. The plan is only for babies who have not yet begun to roll and who are subject to the safety harness.

Parents should wean their babies from the three characteristics they like most about Rock 'N Play, says Blankenship: Vibration, containment and elevation.


Start by reducing the level of vibration you are using in the Rock 'N Play (or any slanted and vibrating "sleeper" you use). If you are currently in a level 3, go down to 2 today and 1 tomorrow. Once the baby has been asleep for 20 minutes, turn off the vibration, says Blankenship.

You want her to get used to sleeping in a motionless space. If the baby wakes up, use the vibration to go back to sleep. Turn it off again once it has fallen asleep.


What we are doing is time to move the baby to a crib or crib with a flat mattress and a tight sheet. To help recreate that "hold" they felt when they were all adjusted in Rock 'N Play, first wrap them in a blanket or, for babies trying to roll, with a transition blanket. (Blankenship lists some of your favorites here.)

Blankenship also suggests putting the baby to sleep with her feet touching one end of the crib, rather than directly at the center. This helps babies feel some "limits" around them, she says.


This is the problem and, as Blankenship says on its website; "There is no real way to do this, but by the time you have eliminated the vibration and containment, you have already done most of the hard work."

They have to go from the top to the flat, so they will probably feel uncomfortable and will need a little (or a lot) of extra hands to soothe in the form of rubbing, caressing or singing, which can reduce over time. .

Do not use a different sloped "sleeper"

An important conclusion of the Rock 'N Play retirement, Blankenship told me, is that everyone Inclined sleeping devices that are similar to Rock 'N Play have the same safety concerns.

"It should not be replaced by another product that is a tilting sleeping device," she says. "The safest place is in a crib or bbadinet on a flat mattress."

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