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Love island America After a theatrical season 2 on CBS is ending. The reality dating show has officially entered its final week, closing with last night’s Monday evening episode that saw the departure of both Bennett and But. And now, we’re down to the Last Islanders, but everyone’s fate will be decided tomorrow night with the season 2 finale.

Of course, what the audience says goes down. If you want your favorite couple to claim the grand prize of $ 100,000, then you’ve got to show some support for them and get your vote. Whether you have been voting for this entire time and you need a refresher, or this is your first time casting your vote Love Island USA, You’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know to help you win your favorite duet Love Island:


In the last week of Love island, We are down to the last four pairs. Carrington and Laurel, Justin and Caleb, Calvin and Moira, and Seeley and Johnny there. Of course, we love them all, but only a couple can win the grand prize.

When is LOVE ISLAND USA season finale?

Tonight marks the second-to-last episode Love island, Which premieres at 8 / 7c on CBS. Last night (30 september) Love island The season finale is back to its normal 9 / 8c time slot.

When i can vote for LOVE ISLAND USAThe

Tonight is your last chance to vote, so don’t wait! Voting period for Love island Opens at the end of the episode. That means you can cast your Love island When the episode raps, it starts at exactly 10 / 9c. Don’t just delay – the polling window is usually open for only 30 minutes.

How to vote for your favorite Love island Added:

Have to vote on Love island, You must first download the app, which is available for both iOS and Android. iPhone users can get it on the Apple App Store, while Android customers can download it from the Google Play Store. Once you download the app, you have to register, then you are good to go. App users get one vote for each voting period, so count it, as your vote will help determine the winner of Season 2.
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