How to use Apple’s new intercom feature

With the HomePod Mini, Apple introduced a new intercom feature, designed to allow Apple device owners to communicate with each other throughout the home, sending messages to specific rooms, areas, or people.

The intercom works with HomePod, od HomePod Mini, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, and even CarPlay, so you can write voice messages to any of your devices that you can call one of the family or family Can reach all members. .

How to set up intercom

After updating to the PHomePodh software 14.1 and iOS 14.2, which is currently in beta testing, the intercom can be set in the home app. If you have a PHomePod or any other compatible device, the intercom works, and there is no dedicated interface on the InteriPhone to use the intercom outside of the home app.

  1. Install HomePod 14.1 software.
  2. Open the home app.
  3. Tap on the small house icon in the top left corner.
  4. Tap on “Home Settings”.
  5. Scroll to “Intercom” and tap it.
  6. Adjust your notification settings and select those in the home who are able to use the intercom facility.

Those who have remote access to your home app can send or receive intercom messages even when away from home, displaying audio notifications on audioiPhone and Apple Watch along with those messages.

Note that whoever wants to be able to use the intercom must add it as a person with access to the home. This can be done by entering the Home Settings screen and tapping on “Invite People”.

Intercom Requirements

The intercom works with odHomePod after omeHomePod 14.1 update is installed, and it is functional on ‌iPhone and iPad after installing iOS 14.2 / iPadOS 14.2. On Apple Watch, it works on WatchOS 7.1 and later.

Some intercom features may be reserved for iOS 14.2 and odHomePod 14.2 as the intercom does not yet work natively, so for best possible intercom results, make sure that all of your devices have the most recent operating system update available.

How to use intercom to send message to homepod

Intercom messages can be sent to HomePods in a home using Siri on Siri, iiPad, Apple Watch, another ome HomePod, and more. To send an intercom message, simply activate Siri on your iPhoneh, iPad, Apple Watch, WatcharPlayh, or irAirPods and then say “Intercom” and your message.

So if you want to tell everyone that dinner is ready, simply “Intercom, dinner is ready” and the message “Dinner is ready” will be relayed to all homepods in the house.

Other commands such as “Hey Shisri, tell everybody dinner is ready” also serve as an alternate phrase to communicate via the intercom.

होम In the Home app on iPhone and iPadh, there is also an option to tap on the small waveform in the upper right corner to record a message that is then sent home to the intercom device.

How to use an intercom to send messages from one HomePod to another device

You can use PHomePod to send a message to other HomePods in the home or to devices related to family members.

Activating the message along with “intercom” and then activating the message is as simple as sending a message to everyone in the house, even if it is at home. It will also play P HomePod speakers at home as well as personal iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.

How to send a message to a specific room

If you have homepods in different rooms, you can send a message to that room by activating that room as an incision and then “Actcom”. [room name] [message]. ”

So for example if you want to tell everyone in the living room that dinner is ready, you will say “Hey, right now, the intercom living room dinner is ready.”

Note that to use the room command, the HomePod must be assigned correctly to a room in the Home app. A room can be assigned or changed by following these steps:

  1. Open the home app.
  2. Select theHomePod or PHomePod Mini from the device list.
  3. लॉन् Long press on the HomePod icon.
  4. Tap on the gear icon at the bottom of the interface that pops up or scrolls down forcefully.
  5. Tap on “Room”.
  6. Select a room from the list of available rooms or tap “Create New”.
  7. When done, close the interface by tapping “X” at the top of the window.

How to reply to intercom message

If you get an intercom message in a room in the house and you want to send a message back, you can activate the head and then say “reply” with your message.

So if you received an intercom message that said “Dinner is ready,” you could say “Hey received Sirri reply I’m on my way” to send a message back.

Intercom compatible devices

You can use iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and PAirPods to send intercom messages to your household members, and you can also send messages via CCarPlay if you’re driving.

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