How to unlock diamond rocket launchers easily in black ops cold war

Is there anything better than a powerful machine gun drilling holes through your opponent? Well BOCW is some of them, and here’s how we think they stack up against each other.

An absolute must-have gun for any first-person shooter that provides amazing feedback and sounds fantastic as you use them. AR are the pinnacle of murderous firearms as they are the best round killing machines.

Like every Call of Duty game, one or two become instant fan favorites and the weapon of choice for most players. Treyarch’s BOCW is no different and selects more and more assault rifles in the coming years.

Here are the best assault rifles in black ops cold war.

5. QBZ-83

It is a solid enough weapon, with decent accuracy and a fairly standard fire rate. Its only major aspect is that it does not have the world’s largest firepower.

All of these weapons can be adjusted through a stack of attachments and customization options, but it takes a lot of work to make the QBZ-83 anything special because nothing truly stands out and catches the eye .

4. AK-47

Industry-standard assault rifles are known worldwide. This tried and tested beast boasts supreme firepower and will eliminate your enemies quickly. But as always, the gun has horrifying repetitions and is much harsher than a swarm of angry mules. Its rate of fire is slightly slower, and it may not be time to fire that an extra bullet is needed.

ak-47 in bocw

3. FFAR 1

One of the first meta-weapons of the game. This is an insane rate of fire, which is deadly in near-Schnenigans, but its initial god status has since deteriorated. It was lacking in almost all the major data and as a result its utility has been damaged. It is still a fantastic weapon and can be a powerful assassin in enclosure hardcore with some accuracy.

2. xm4

This is a huge signal to be available from the get-go. While many people initially turned to the MP5, we found the early education-ropes together in the XM4 because it is a winner. In this case it can be argued that it is the best round goal of the bunch and can be modified to great effect in different ways.

1. Krig-6

The Krig-6 is simply a bonafide, laser-targeting animal. There is already something to write home and gush to your friends about its initial accuracy. But once you start customizing this miniature star destroyer, it becomes violently clear why it is the best assault rifle to use. Moving up ASAP is the key because you can practically reduce its repetition, increase its clip, and make a tireless beast.

koc-6 in bocw

Which completes our list. These are the best rifles in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Can you have better luck with the AK-47? Or is Krig-6 crude for you? Tell us

Image courtesy: Treyarch

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