How to test Windows 10 21H1 update in advance and prepare for 21H2

Want to try the latest important feature update for Windows 10? If you don’t mind living on the wild side with a beta, something you might I don’t want to risk Yes Windows apps They are essential for you to do your job and / or function in real life; Getting early access to Windows 10 21H1 is easy.

Before you begin, do a backup of your system just in case. It’s your decision if that means cloning your entire hard drive or copying critical files to cloud or external storage. Regardless of how you choose to keep your data, make sure you do something; YYou never know when a beta version of Windows 10 may cause unforeseen problems. (Ihappens with regular Windows updates, then …)

IIf you are afraid that a beta might break super important apps you use regularly, considering avoiding beta completely or make a full disk clone so that you can quickly and easily restore to your stable operating system in case disaster stroke. Or heck, you can always run Windows 10 21H1 on a virtual machine if you want to see new features without affecting your current operating system at all.

Once you have made up your mind, Sign up for the Windows Insider program if you haven’t already. You will find the option in Settings> Update & Security> Windows Insider Program. Once it’s set up, only a few are needed minutes and ahand full of clicks, make sure you have chosen the Beta Channel for your updates.

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The next time you run Windows Update, should see special call box for Windows 10 21H1. The updated operating system will not install automatically (for now); you will have to activate the download and install it yourself.


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You can click the “See what’s in this update” link if you’d like, but as of this writing, they won’t actually take you to a site that shows you what’s new in Windows 10 21H1. To save you a web search, here is the small list of features you will also get a bunch of bug fixes and security:

  • Windows Hello multi-camera support, to set the default as the external camera when both internal and external Windows Hello cameras are present.
  • Windows Defender Application Guard performance improvements, including the optimization of the times of the document opening scenario.
  • Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Group Policy Service (GPSVC), performance improvement upgrade to support remote work scenarios.

The Windows update that actually contains Presents you you probably care about (and will use) is Windows 10 21H2, scheduled to arrive sometime this fall. That’s kind of annoying if you were looking for, say, play with a new float Start Menubut the odds are good that now that you’re a Windows Insider, you can get your hands on a beta version of the operating system before its official launch. WAlthough Windows 10 21H1 may not thrill you, at least now familiar with the process and are enrolled in the Beta Channel for each and every one future (more exciting) updates.

Yes want to get out of the beta track for whatever reason, just visit the Windows Insider program screen in Windows Update settings again and select the option to Stop getting preview builds. Consider changing your channel a Release preview. That won’t help you roll back the beta you are currently in, but it will keep you with a much more stable version of the OS, if that’s your problem, once it’s ready.


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