How to survive the effects of Mercury retrograde 2017 in your relationship


We are at the beginning of Mercury retrograde at this time, which lasts from December 3 to December 22. During this time, you may feel bad, especially when it comes to your love life, since Mercury retrograde affects communication. On top of that, vacations can already be a challenging time for relationships; in fact, they are the most common time of year when couples separate . If you think about it, this makes sense: there is additional stress (work, family, etc.), possible money problems (you probably spend a lot on people's gifts, and you may want to take some time off, but you can not afford it), and when you throw a loved one into the mix, you may even feel more stressed, not less.

However, according to many astronomers, Mercury retrograde is NOT a good time to break up with someone. "A key to survival is not making concrete decisions during retrograde Mercury," says Bustle Linda Furiate, Astrology Consultant, Healthy Habits Expert, Reiki I and II, Inspirational Guide and Founder of Of Universal Mind. "It is best to wait for last minute changes in our schedules, etc. Be flexible with your time and your attitude If a couple knows and can anticipate the arrival of retrograde mercury, it is best to initially communicate their wishes and needs beforehand. of the retrograde, but again, be flexible, since things will probably change during retrograde. "

That said, this is how common relationship problems that arise during retrograde Mercury can survive.

Communication: Do not make quick decisions

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Mercury retrograde or not, communication problems come in relationships. The key is how they are handled, especially these next weeks. "Mercury retrograde is not enough to break a really good or ancient relationship," said Wave Rayne, metaphysical teacher, author, leader of the Synchronized Global Peace Meditations, Coach of Star Codes, and the first known astrologer to publish articles. teaches online courses and presents slide lectures on the occurrence and potential of All Planets Direct Motion (APDM), tells Bustle.

But what about a newer relationship? "A new relationship could suffer some setbacks if the two are not really aware of how easy it is for things to get misinterpreted during the retrograde phase," says Rayne. "Unless both of you are born into retrograde Mercury, then this period of time can be very complicated." It might be a good idea to make a verbal arrangement to your partner that during the retrograde phase, which lasts 20 days, in case of disagreement. Both agree to give each other the benefit of the doubt, listen and nurture each other and not make quick decisions.The best advice for couples is to review the activities that brought them closer in the past, the things to do that they really enjoy together. They can talk about what they really love about each other, and they can write down all their ideas so that they have a real list of wanted activities, put their list in the refrigerator and treasure it deeply, because this list is blessed with positive energy and can stay together for a long time. "

Jaye on, says that the wires cross and that mixed messages tend to occur during Mercury retrograde, but there are ways to keep communication clear. "It's a challenging time for couples to communicate, but if you check information three times, you re-read emails and text messages before pressing submit, and you try to divide the information into smaller pieces to make sure everything is Of course, you can still express what's in your heart. "

Trust: Do not jump to conclusions

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Mercury retrograde is in the sign of Sagittarius now, and" Sagittarius is a search sign of truth and truth. " Rayne says. "This motivation to discover the truth about others will be in the minds of everyone." Sagittarius lives to discover the greatest truths in life, so the point you really want to know during this retrograde Mercury is, if you keep some kind of secret or you have lied to your lover, the possibilities of revealing your indiscretions and exposing you to lies actually increase. "

So, what can couples do? "The advice is obviously to do due diligence before things atrophy if you really value your partner." If either of you is Sagittarius, this suggestion is mandatory, "says Rayne. And it's important not to jump to conclusions too.

Do you know when you are dating someone and everything is going well, but then suspicions begin to arise? Well, those may be more common now, during this current retrograde Mercury. "If your relationship has gone well and suddenly a dark cloud of mistrust appears from nowhere during Retrograde, try not to draw conclusions," he says. "Be kind to your other half and check with them before making any accusations During Mercury retrograde, people may have a conversation between them, but they may not realize they are talking about two totally different things, and the messages may get complicated" .

Money: Avoid Big Purchases


Money often seems to be a point of contention in relationships, either between friends or romantically. When money issues arise during Retrograde Mercury with your partner, it is better to remember this: Do not buy large items during Mercury retrograde. In this way, you can avoid money-oriented conflicts. "It's best to wait until after this holiday season to buy any expensive item," says Furiate. "The offers may sound too good to be true, but quite attractive." The most important items to avoid buying during a retrograde are cars, electronic products and even shoes.Often, we rarely end up needing or using what we buy during a cycle Retrograde is a test of patience to wait until the new year to decide if you really want what you want It may be advisable to save your money this month to determine what your real needs may be. "

Rayne accepts that during a Mercury Retrograde, it's time to be more careful with money. As you can imagine, your advice is so relevant whether you are single or matched. "Just to be safe, avoid buying a computer or any electronic equipment," says Rayne. "Unless necessary, stop buying large purchases, like a house, if you have to buy a house or sign a lease or a commercial contract, you can choose to apply a corrective measure to correct The energy of housing Retrograde to be positively connected in your name It's like making an enchantment or a magic spell as a form of protection It can not hurt, that's for sure Contact a professional for badistance to safeguard your purchase or contract at the beginning, that is, by the time you sign any document or official contract, legal or commercial. "

Vacation: take the time to remove stress


As found in the Previous study, many breakups happen these couples weeks before Christmas. But instead of becoming one of the breaking statistics, there are ways to overcome the stressful holiday season with your partner before abruptly ending things. "Vacation time can also trigger unexpected feelings, and deep emotions can arise for many people," says Jaye. "Therefore, instead of gutting the good, it will be advantageous to come from a supportive and loving place to straighten things in. Also, to keep stress at bay during your vacation trips, make sure you have enough extra time, because Mercury Retrograde loves to change routes and complicate travel. "

I do not know about you, but I know that traveling with a loved one can be difficult, with Mercury retrograde or without it. As long as you are aware that traveling now can be especially challenging, knowledge is power, you should be able to spend the next few weeks.

Spend time together: be flexible

Andrew Zaeh / Bustle [19659006] In general, during Mercury retrograde now, remember, only until December 22! – spending time with your partner may have more ups and downs than usual, so it is important to be flexible and patient when it comes to plans and spending time together. "Mercury retrograde can be frustrating for sensitive people who have not yet figured out how to use these astrological environments to their advantage," says Jaye. "Delays, electronic malfunctions and erroneous communications are typical for these times, if you two disagree because the annoying Retrograde has put a key in your plans, help your sweetheart being a loving oasis in the midst of madness. (And can be rewarded with more gifts during the holidays!) ".

Although the good news is that retrograde mercury will soon be over, you may still need help for the next two weeks. "It is possible for couples to promise each other that anything that happens during a retrograde cycle of Mercury is subject to forgetfulness and then they will laugh and be used as testimony to the true strength of their solid foundation." says Furiate. "The key to overcoming any retrograde Mercury cycle is to gain patience, delay long-term decision-making and know when to get away from the stress of a situation that is not working in your favor." This is key to surviving your relationships. When omitting or misinterpreting data or information during retrograde mercury, it is better to rethink your thought process if something does not seem to align.You might suggest asking for help and advice instead of offering your thoughts, especially if it is not requested. what the other is thinking or feeling before expressing his thoughts He will want to listen with an open mind, knowing that the information provided may not necessarily coincide with his thoughts "[19659002] Rayne agrees. "If your relationship is having problems, the Retrograde is an ideal time to work and really talk deeply about what works and what does not work for each of you." In general, it helps to know that some people are triggered more easily during a Mercury retrograde, and be gentle with others and with others.The two can also make an appointment to talk about New Year's resolutions that focus on making new, exciting and deeply loving memories that both may appreciate in the future. Another great idea is to hire a relationship therapist to help them both, why not, their relationship is very valuable, and it's worth the time and expense. "

As you can see, Mercury Retrograde can definitely influence and affect your romantic relationship. But since it ends before Christmas, you just have to keep things together until then, using the previous advice. Then, when Christmas and the New Year come you will have even more to celebrate: that you two managed to pbad Mercury retrograde, and your two heads will be clearer to reflect on your relationship. .

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