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Anyone who has ever been online can predict this. Give people an internet connection and a microphone, and some will quickly tell just how much they suck. Yesterday only after the release of PS5 Stars of destruction, Players reported almost immediate cases of severe verbal harassment, due to the horrors of the game’s absence of equipment to prevent such behavior.

Scroll Through this Social Media, And you will see many players complaining Destruction‘S intrusive voice chat, which is on by default. Worse, the sound of other players comes through that small speaker on the face of the PS5’s DualHeight controller. (Yes, really.) Some players Bent ResetEra, popular video game forum, to share stories about racial slurs, homophobia and other examples of unforgivable, abusive language. In game review for Ars Technica, Sam Machkovch, reportedly heard “a near-perfect podcast about the Dark Web and Qiyeon” relayed above the speaker.

“It’s a real fun game and I’m sure it will be fun with the little kids,” a Resetter moderator wrote. “But I don’t think they want ‘you’re dying for the future!” Or some terrible homophobia shout from their controller speaker in their living room. “

even worse, Stars of destruction Disappointingly offers some equipment to help players overcome setbacks. As far as I can tell, there is no way to mute or report hostile players. You can press the trackpad to pull up a list of everyone in each match, but there is no way to actually interact with any of the usernames displayed. This is just a list. There is also no option buried in the settings that will allow you to disable voice chat bulk.

Allstar is deleting audio view options

Suite in A / V option Stars of destruction.
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In other words, to get everyone to shut the fuck up, you have to rely on system-level tricks. Provided you are having a quiet (toxic) party chat, here are the two easiest options at your fingertips.

Using Activity Card

As you’re selecting your character before the match, you should see a notification pop up on the top-right corner of your screen: “Game chat has started.” Once you see, you are clear to mute. Tap on PS button. Navigate to “Voice Chat” Stars of destructionActivity card (it is likely that the first one pops) and Hit Square. You can do this even after the match starts, but you will probably fall apart. just a heads up.

One more head: You have to do this every single match. The PS5 will not remember that you muted the former match.

Change your doubling controller

When you press the PS button, you will drag your “Control Center,” to the icon at the bottom of your screen. Control center Is customizable; When you have it open, just press the option button. Before playing, twist your bar so that it contains the “sound” icon. At any point, you can click on it and lower your controller speaker all the way down. This will make everything nice and quiet.

Of course, players have to return to the system-level workaround is not ideal in the first place. It’s a bit weird that voice chat happens by default, and the order is still that it comes through your controller’s speakers. But it is utterly shocking that there is no clear way to mute individual players per match, nor to report in an aggressive game, nor to completely deactivate voice chat, which quickly Distracting from, proves to be the best and degrading. It is 2021. Anyone who has ever been online can predict this.

Kotku Lucid arrived for the games, DestructionThe developer, and Sony, the game’s publisher, to see if any of these problems will be fixed in future updates Stars of destruction.

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