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How to set up and use Apple Pay Cash

Although Apple Pay Cash began to be implemented yesterday, the new feature has just been activated for many users today. Follow closely to see how to set up Apple Pay Cash and the various ways to use it.


Apple Pay Cash is integrated with iOS 11.2 and provides a perfect way to send and receive payments and also spend your money. The new feature competes with services such as Square Cash, Venmo and PayPal, and is only available in the United States at the moment.

It is free to send money with Apple Pay Cash when using a debit card, while there is a 3% fee when using a credit card. The good news is that even if your primary Apple Pay card is a credit card, Apple Pay Cash uses the registered debit card by default to help avoid that fee.

Apple Pay Cash Requirements

  • You must run iOS 11.2 on a compatible device and watchOS 4.2 on any Apple Watch
  • You must be registered on iCloud and iMessage with the same Apple ID and using two factor authentication [19659007] Must be 18 years old
  • Have an eligible debit or credit card [19659007] For full functionality, you must verify your identity

How to set up Apple Pay Cash

When Apple Pay Cash is first deployed in your device, you will see a popup window in iMessage. However, if you do not configure it immediately, you can always go back to Settings → Wallet & Apple Pay Apple Pay Cash to do so later. [19659004]

Apple Pay uses the Green Dot bank and the Discover network to process transactions, but also uses your debit card for funds when you do not have an Apple Pay Cash balance.

When you are adding a debit card, keep in mind that the card that is automatically completed may not be a debit card. In that case, touch Add a different card .

You can use Apple Pay Cash immediately, but to avoid future problems and a more fluid experience, it is best to verify your identity with Apple immediately.

How to verify your identity for Apple Pay Cash

Go to Settings → Portfolio and Apple Pay Apple Pay Cash then slide down Details of the card to search and tap Verify identity . The process will ask for your name, address, date of birth and the last four digits of your social security number. Apple must collect this information.

Once completed, you will see a confirmation and the option Verify identification will disappear from the Apple Pay Cash screen.

How to use Apple Pay Cash

Now that everything is ready, it's time to try this new feature! In iMessage,  Pay will appear as the first option once you touch the App Store icon next to the text field. Keep in mind that you can only send money to other people who have the Apple Pay Cash configuration.

You can use the plus or minus symbol to adjust the amount or touch in the middle to display the keyboard and enter more specific amounts. You must also select if you want to send or request the chosen amount.

Once you touch Request or Send the amount will be completed in the text field and you will have a couple of possibilities to confirm it before sending it.

Especially when you send money with Apple Pay Cash for the first time (or when you have little balance), check back the payment method is correct. Your debit card must automatically be the Apple Pay Cash payment method, even if your primary Apple Pay method is a credit card.

Tap the blue arrow next to your payment method to change the cards. If you have funds available from Apple Pay Cash, the payment method will be shown as Apple Pay Cash Balance .

On the iPhone X, a double click on the side button will process the payment with Face ID authentication, while Touch ID will be used for other iPhones and iPads.

Like any iMessage, the Apple Pay Cash shipment will be confirmed with a status Delivered below. You can touch the Apple Pay Cash message to see your transaction history and even request a return, as shown above.

Various ways to use Apple Pay Cash

In addition to selecting the amount you want to send through the iMessage application, you can also type things like "Oh and $ 5 more dollars for snacks", as in the image below . When you enter a dollar amount in a message, iOS 11 creates a link for others to press and send money quickly through Apple Pay Cash.

Another interesting feature is that when you touch the other person's request for money, you can adjust the amount after touching Pay . Although Apple Pay Cash is very easy to use in the iMessage application, it is even easier to use with Siri.

Saying something like "Send x dollars to Zac using Apple Pay in cash" is a super fast and satisfying way to pay others. Just make sure you get "Apple Pay Cash" on the application, otherwise Siri will not know what to do. Siri will give you a confirmation once the transaction is completed.

You can also use Siri to request payments from others.

Conveniently, you can also use Apple Pay Cash with all Apple Watch models with watchOS 4.2 or later.

Now that you have everything set up, you can also choose to link your bank account to withdraw funds from Apply Pay Cash. You can also add funds quickly from your debit card.

Go to Settings → Portfolio and Apple Pay Apple Pay Cash and then touch Add money or Transfer to bank ]

Using Apple Pay Cash in stores / online

If you have funds available, you can use Apple Pay Cash as you would any other Apple Pay card, whether in the store, online or in applications. If Apple Pay Cash is not your default card, double-press its side button on the iPhone X or press its Start button twice on other iPhones and iPads to open the Wallet and choose the Apple Pay Cash card.

Note that some stores may request your debit PIN when using your Apple Pay Cash balance, which is 0000, you can check it just below Device account details in Settings if you forget it.

More information can be found on Apple's support pages, including details on Apple Pay Cash limits, Identity Verification and Configuration Help.

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