How to see the Pink Moon 2019 spring

Calling all amateur astronomers and astronomers of the star: this month a surprise awaits you. According to the always reliable Farmer's Almanac, a "pink moon" is expected just before dawn on Friday, April 19.

There is only one adolescent problem: it is not at present pink.

But before throwing your telescopes in the trash, remember that the confusing name mechanism happens all the time. For example, Full Strawberry Moon, which appears later in the year, does not resemble, in fact, a strawberry. Neither is it really red. And the September full corn moon does not look like an ear of corn either. And the moon full of worms … well, you get an idea.

Despite the color, the show is still a beautiful way to go out and celebrate spring. This is what you should know if you want to see it for yourself.

Where does the Luna Luna get its name from?

We know what you're thinking: if the pink nickname really means nothing, where will the moon get its name from?

It turns out that, in reality, it is named after an American flowering plant called "moss pink" (or "wild earth phlox", if you want it to like it), which tends to bloom almost at the same time as the appearance of this moon full recurrent The Almanac reminds us that these plants emerge right now, in early spring.

In addition to the colorful presentation card, the full moon of April also has other names that can be used interchangeably: "sprouting of the moon of the grbad", "moon of egg" and "moon of the fish".

How can you see the Pink Moon this year?

According to the Almanac, the moon will reach its maximum fullness at 7:12 a.m. (EDT) on Friday, April 19. To see it more clearly, however, you will really want to be careful with it starting on the night of the 18th, when it will be in its "almost maximum fullness" and will be easier to see. Against the dark night sky.

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