How to move photos and videos from iCloud to Google Photos

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For anyone who feels they’ve been held hostage to 5GB of iCloud free storage or you just want to try a different photo storage app, this week Apple released a new service designed to make it easy to transfer photos and videos stored in iCloud to Google Photos.

As reported for MacRumors and more detailed in Apple support pages, Apple’s new transfer service allows users located in the US, Canada, Australia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the European Union to easily move content stored on iCloud to Google Photos.

Assuming you already have accounts for both services and have the proper login credentials (including the two-factor authentication settings in your Apple ID), the whole process is pretty simple. All you have to do is sign here Using your Apple ID, select “Transfer a copy of your data” and then follow the rest of the steps.

As you can probably see from the number of files, I don't use iCloud very often.

As you can probably see from the number of files, I don’t use iCloud very often.
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The important thing to know is that the service sends a copy of your photos and videos to Google, which means that all the original files in iCloud will remain intact and not deleted. However, because Google does not support exactly the same range of file types as Apple, items such as Live Photos, Smart Albums, and certain RAW files may not be available or display correctly in Google Photos.

Also, if you run out of space on Google Photos during the transfer, you will need to manually purchase more storage and then redo the transfer. The same is true for last minute changes, deletions, or additions that you make just before you start the transfer, which may not be included.. There are also some small details, Like Apple, it only transfers the most recent edit of a photo and cannot transfer images that are part of shared albums.

But in general, it is quite simple. TThe only real downside is that depending on the amount of data and a few other factors, the transfer can take three to seven days to complete.

The only interesting coincidence is that Apple’s new iCloud transfer service arrives just a few months before Google ends. unlimited photo storage in Google Photos in June. This also comes when Apple is under scrutiny from lawmakers and in a legal fight with Epic Games for its perceived anti-competitive behavior.. However, since Apple will soon be less concerned about people potentially jumping iCloud looking for more free storage (Google Photos Deals 15GB of free storage compared to 5GB for iCloud, but definitely not unlimited anymore), maybe the timing of Apple’s new photo transfer service isn’t a coincidence after all.


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