How to make a film about the Kovid-19 epidemic during the pandemic

At the normal pace of Hollywood, it may take years to set up a film about a jewel starring two Oscar-level actors. “Locked Down”, featuring Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ezhofor, was written, shot and wrapped over a few months – mostly because the cast and crew had to do nothing else during the epidemic that damaged their industry.

“It started from a very crass place: literally every actor is available,” says director Doug Liman, whose films include Mr. And Mrs. Smith, “” The Bourne Identity “and” Age of Tomorrow. “Among the stars over time for supporting parts: Ben Kingsley, Mindy Kaling and Ben Stiller.

“Locked Down”, which hit HBO Max on Thursday, is one of the first releases to feature Hollywood talent filmed during the epidemic. Q: Does anyone want to see on screen what they experience every day?

The movie features a comic role about the couple driving each other fearlessly to their London home during coronovirus refinements. They seize an opportunity to steal a rough diamond from Harrods, the city’s most extraordinary department store.

To make it, the filmmakers had to go a little guerrilla. The actors signed on even though the script was incomplete. (“I was wondering how they would wrap this up in the next 10, 20 pages?” Building. During an 18-day shoot in London, the masked crew escaped and went into lockdown in real life. Mr. Liman shot Martha for the shoot Decided to fly himself in his plane (a single-engine turboprop) from Kay’s Vineyard — partly to eliminate the risk of taking Kovid on a commercial flight, partly because he had always wanted to. I made a few stops.


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