How to live longer: Turmeric tonic kombucha prevents cancer to promote longevity

Staying healthy and prolonging your life span is a lifelong commitment. A person should be committed to a healthy lifestyle which means following a balanced diet and regular exercise. Sipping on a certain drink has been proven to reduce the risk of cancer and promote longevity.

Turmeric is known for its powerful health benefits. It has been used for centuries for its healing properties.

Turmeric is mostly known for its anti-inflammatory properties which means adding spices will not only help with inflammation, which can look like swelling and rashes, but also with inflammation occurring inside the body, such as leaks Faction syndrome.

It is also a natural pain reliever, a metabolic booster, an antidepressant and an immune system booster.

Turmeric also helps to cleanse the skin and reduce the risk of cancer and certain types of diabetes.

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Kombucha is a type of fermented tea that is a great source of various strains of organic acids, B vitamins, and probiotics and is a wonderful addition to the diet to help promote longevity.

To start Kombucha with a sweet tea, and over time the starter culture (made from yeast and bacteria) consumes sugar and caffeine and turns it into a low sugar, fizzy probiotic drink.

Drinks are something that can be purchased at the store but can also be made easily at home.

By mixing both turmeric and kombucha you will get a health drink full of powerful ingredients to help promote longevity.

In a study published in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, the antiproliferative and antimicrobial activity of kombucha was investigated.

The study noted: “Kombucha had the most pronounced antimicrobial activity against all examined bacteria.”

In a test-tube study, kombucha helped to inhibit the growth and proliferation of cancer cells due to the high concentration of tea polyphenols and antioxidants.

With a lot of research done on Kombucha, it has been suggested that the drink has anti-cancer properties and can be used to help promote longevity.

Several studies have suggested that turmeric tonic kombucha has broad anti-inflammatory and other anticancer benefits.

An island nation poised to have one of the world’s longest average lifespan of 81.2 years is a big fan of turmeric drinks.

Okinawans are said to drink copious amounts of the drink and may suggest that their drinking habits may affect their longevity of life.

Turmeric and curcumin are known to help reduce cardiovascular complications, prevent and treat cancer, and prevent type 2 diabetes.

To make a health drink you will need a wide-mouth container and a sanitized dish towel, as well as a large rubber band to secure it to the top of your container.

It is important to read the instructions to make turmeric tonic kombucha carefully as the drink will require a set amount of time.

For enhanced health benefits, it is advised to mix both green tea and ginger for a tasty drink to enhance its longevity.