How to get rid of the default apps on your phone that you never use

Bloatware does not sound Pleasant, but it’s a very mild situation: it’s the apps that come preinstalled on your smartphone that you definitely didn’t want and probably don’t want. They are often pushed by manufacturers to top their apps and services (or rather) what the smartphone offers by default.

The term was originally used to refer to Windows computers, which can come with a long list of third-party utilities and software suites above Windows, depending on which computer you have Is purchased. The situation has improved in recent years, but even today you can open a new Windows laptop and find yourself a trial version of half a dozen different apps, utilities, antivirus and office tools.

While the vast majority of bloatware won’t actually do anything harmful, these take up unwanted app storage space and system resources that can be used by the apps you actually want to use. They can confuse you, leaving you with multiple apps on your phone and all do the same thing.

From a security and privacy point of view, it is a good idea to remove the bloatware apps that you are not using. How you go about it will depend on the phone you are using.

How to remove bloatware on android

Bloatware is a very common problem on Android phones because there are so many phonemakers that keep Android devices out. In some cases, you may find yourself with a dozen apps or more that you don’t really want or need (although the creators themselves would be eager to give you a try).

To get rid of your Android phone, bloatware or any other app, open Settings and select Apps and notifications, Again See all applications. If you are sure that you can do without doing anything, then select the application then select Uninstall It has been removed.

In some cases, you will not be able to completely remove an app due to the way the manufacturer integrated it into their version of Android. If so, look for the option labeled Disabled Instead Uninstall-This will at least prevent the app from using significant system resources and getting in your way.

Apps can be removed or disabled from settings.
David Niddle via Google

The process can vary slightly depending on the make and model of your phone and the version of Android you’re running, but you should be able to easily remove or disable apps if you are a staple of the main Settings app, What leaves you together is the phone that weighs slightly less than unwanted junk.


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