How to Get a Free Uber Ride to Get a COVID Vaccine at Walgreens

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Getting an appointment for the COVID-19 vaccine is difficult enough, but for some people, that’s just the first of many challenges in the process. Many people are not lucky enough to have their own car or to live in a city where they can walk to their vaccination appointment. or using public transportif that’s an option they’re comfortable with).

And even if they have friends, family, or neighbors who would be more than happy to take them to their appointments under normal circumstances, some may politely (and guiltily) decline to do so due to concerns about the virus and potential transmission.

Now, some people in certain cities who are getting their vaccine at Walgreens have another option: take a free ride on Uber to your appointment. Here’s what you should know about this new policy.

What to know about the program

While this program was announced on February 9, in December, Uber had engaged up to 10 million free or discounted trips to help people get to their vaccination appointments. Now, they’ve partnered with Walgreens for a part of that, offering people a free trip to Walgreens stores (and their outside clinics) for their COVID vaccine appointment.

Right now, a trial version of this program is available in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, and El Paso, Texas, but it will eventually roll out in other cities, and is only applicable for appointments at Walgreens. According to a Uber statementAlmost 80% of the US population lives within five miles of a Walgreens pharmacy. (Of course, that doesn’t guarantee we’ll all date there, but it’s an interesting / scary fact that we think you’d like to know.)

Uber and Walgreens are also receiving assistance from National Urban League to help identify the areas with the most significant transportation barriers to vaccine access.

How to get a free Uber ride to your vaccination appointment

Then who Can you take advantage of this offer? It’s pretty simple: they will let you know. Once you have a confirmed appointment at Walgreens, if free Uber ride is an option, too receive an email extend the offer to schedule a trip.

It’s still very early and there are a lot of unanswered questions, including whether they also offer a free Uber ride home since an appointment for vaccination at Walgreens, but hopefully this will be part of a larger trend to make sure everyone can get vaccinated.

Lyft recently announced some new tools that people can use to help book rides to and from vaccination appointments for their loved ones, but They are not free.


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