How to get a coronavirus vaccine in NYC

The number for the state is 833-697-4829.

Why is it so complicated?

The systems each agency or provider uses do not communicate with each other. Many of these scheduling portals existed on their own, before one needed to try to patch them into a citywide search tool.

Officials are however trying to improve it.

“The goal is to bring these systems, you simplify it into greater alignment,” said Dave Chokshi, Commissioner of the city’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, on 14 January.

When are new slots loaded into the system?

When and as they happen, so keep trying.

Mr. de Blasio said in a press conference on January 13 that city sites provide new appointments whenever they occur. New slots may appear in the middle of the night.

The city’s vaccine hub site is eligible for vaccines that subscribe to email updates about new appointment availability.

How do I improve my odds?

There is strength in unity.

It can help to band together with neighbors in local social media groups, or through a mutual aid organization to alert each other when nearby slots are available. Some families are handing over search duties from shift-to-shift near booking efforts. If you are trying to get an old relative appointed, see if you can split the work.

A cautionary tale about trusting the link that goes around: Newsday reported that 20,000 people who booked the spot using the link aired for appointments on Long Island were canceled because the link had yet to be Shouldn’t have gone live.

How do I know New placesThe

Meyer’s website (especially tapes of his press briefing) and Tweeter feed There are good places to see. This week, three new vaccine sites in the development of the New York City Housing Authority were announced.

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