How to fix a broken phone call on Android Auto after Android 11 update

The experience with Android 11 is based on a series of large-scale upgrades in all major areas, and as far as Android Auto users are concerned, there is no doubt that the wireless mode now available on all devices is the highlight.

But at the same time, Android 11 also comes with a series of its own bugs on Android Auto, and as we told you earlier this week, one of them concerns a phone call.

More specifically, after updating the smartphone for Android 11, making phone calls from Android Auto no longer works correctly, as the UI just shows up but nothing is happening after that. In some cases, Google Assistant looks like it is initiating a phone call, but in fact, it returns to the previous screen in Android Auto.

For other users, a phone call initiated on Android Auto is routed directly to a mobile phone, so you can’t hear what the other person is saying in your car’s speaker but on a smartphone.

The workaround can be as simple as that.

First and foremost, generic tricks that involve clearing the Android Auto app cache and for some users seem to restore the phone call experience at least temporarily.

Then, it appears that re-pairing the phone and the head unit of the car is enough to make the phone call work correctly in some cases, as the connection somehow ends after the Android 11 update.

Other people have reported working in a rather strange way. Just unlocking the phone and then starting the call starts working, which seems that the whole thing only happens when the device is locked. Of course, doing so while driving is not in any way recommended due to obvious reasons.

At this point, Google is yet to accept the bug and provide a fix, but the company is already investigating the report, so more information should be provided later instead.


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