How to enable dark mode on all your essential apps

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Ah, Dark Mode – The charcoal gray color palette is associated with night time and eyeball-saving. It is not without its opponents, not even among my own allies. But there are many people, including me, who are not good enough for the dusty subject. Luckily Dark Mode is available on just about every device and app – so we’ll walk you through how to make your digital life a little deeper.

Note that we are going to show you how to enable Dark Mode on many of the most essential apps and services – there is not enough time or space on our servers to show you that Dark Mode is available everywhere How to enable, because it is very ubiquitous subject. But these will make a good start.

social media

Most social media apps have added dark mode to make late night browsing easier. Facebook is one of the latecomers of all sites. It only combined Dark Mode with the latest redesign, which you can read here. The Dark Mode toggle is in the main drop-down menu of the site. Although Instagram does not have an in-app dark mode option, it syncs to your phone’s dark mode – you can read about how it works here.

Twitter has a similar setting on Instagram, in which you can sync its color palette with system settings – meaning, if your phone is already in dark mode, it will automatically go dark. You can manually set it to dark mode by going to settings, and look for toggling dark mode under “Display and Sound”. You can read more about the options here.

Messenger was originally in dark mode only through an emoji-based Easter egg, but it has since joined the bandwagon for real. To switch to dark mode, all you have to do is tap your profile picture and toggle at the top of the option. You can read more about it here.

Workplace apps

It is not just social media that wants to spare your eyes. Many of your favorite workplace apps also include dark mode settings, so even your work can look like a computer chimney. For starters, Slack now has a dark mode available on its iOS and Android apps (which you can read here) as well as its desktop client (which you can read here).