How to copy your photos from Apple to Google Photos –

How to copy your photos from Apple to Google Photos

Apple quietly released a tool that allows you to copy all the images that you have stored in Apple Photos to Google Photos.

You may find it useful for a couple of reasons. It is an easy way to move everything if you are switching to an Android phone as you cannot upload Apple photos from an Android phone. Like Apple Photos, Google Photos will create automatic featured video clips with music, but it will also automatically create collages, animations, add filters (which often look great), and more. Both services have their strengths and I use them as a way to create a backup of the other.

It’s also useful if you want to switch from iCloud storage to Google One storage. Apple charges $ 0.99 / month for 50GB, $ 2.99 / month for 200GB, or $ 9.99 / month for 2TB of storage. Google’s plans are similarly priced, but let you share 100GB with your family for $ 1.99 a month, while Apple only offers family sharing on its 200GB and 2TB plans. Also, Google has a 10TB plan for $ 49.99 / mo in case you have a lot of data and I just want to keep everything there.

One caveat: the transfer is not immediate. He said that my 117GB library of 20,000+ photos and 800+ videos will take three to seven days to move.

I will show you how to copy them now.

How to copy your photos from Apple Photos to Google Photos

Transfer from Apple Photos to Google Photos

  • First go to Apple’s privacy website ( on your computer.
  • Sign in with your Apple account.
  • Choose “Request to transfer a copy of your data”.
  • You will see a summary of the number of photos and videos stored in iCloud Photos and how much storage they currently use.
  • Under “Choose where you would like to transfer your photos”, select “Google Photos”. It is the only option at this time.
  • Check the boxes to transfer videos and photos.
  • Touch Continue.
  • Please confirm that you are aware that your photos and videos will not transfer completely if your Google One drive runs out of space when you tap “Continue” again.
  • Sign in with your Google account and grant Apple access to your Google Photos library.
  • Choose “Confirm transfers”.

That’s it. You should see the images appear in your Google account when the transfer is complete, after which you will also receive an email confirmation. Just be patient – it may take several days depending on the size of your library.


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