How to check if my phone number was leaked

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The hacked data of more than 553 million Facebook users online filtering during the weekend, including names, dates of birth, relationship status of a Facebook user, the city where they live, their place of work, and sometimes even email addresses. But the most sensitive data included in the leak is possibly phone numbers, which are often used for two-factor authentication. And now there is a way to easily verify if your phone number is in the leak, at least if you live in the US.

The website The news of every day has a simple tool where you can enter your phone number and see if you are on the leak. Gizmodo tested the tool with some data from the actual Facebook leak and found it to be accurate. For example, we tested Mark Zuckerberg’s phone number, which is included in the leak. It worked. (We assume that Zuck has already changed his phone number.)

All you need to do to verify is enter your phone number no dashes or dots. You should also include the international country code at the beginning. For example, if you are used to seeing your phone number on this form, 555-212-0000, you should get rid of the hyphens and add the digit “one” to the front.

Using the same fake number above, the number you enter should look like this: 15552120000. If you include a variation other than the string of numbers, the tool will falsely tell you that your number is not included in the filter. Actually, it very well could be.

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Facebook hasn’t said much about the leak, it accepts the information was hacked in 2019. The data was offered on hacking forums for a price two years ago, but what makes this weekend’s leak different is that the data is now leaked. free. Anyone can find the 16GB of data with a simple Google search.


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