How to block website in 2 ways on windows 10 pc

  • You can block a website on a Windows 10 computer using the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • To block sites through Microsoft Edge, go to Microsoft’s Family Safety site and log in with your adult Microsoft account.
  • Adult Microsoft accounts cannot block websites, so you will need to create a child account.
  • Using the Family Safety app, you can block websites on Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android devices all at once.
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Windows 10 has built-in parental controls that you can use to block undesirable websites through the Microsoft Edge web browser. This can help keep your children safe when they are not using your computer.

But to block websites, your child needs to have their own Windows user account and sign in on their own – they simply cannot access your account, because you cannot block websites on adult accounts.

Here’s how to set up a Windows account for your children, and use it to block websites on Windows 10. Note that you can set this using any Internet browser, but once you do this, the sites will only be blocked in Microsoft Edge – any other browsers will remain unaffected.

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How to block websites on windows 10

Set up a windows account for kids

If your child can already log into your Windows 10 with their own account, skip to the next section. If not, you need to start by adding a child account to your PC, so that Windows knows when they are logging in.

1. Create an email address for your child. After the account is created and your child knows how to log in to check their email, add your child’s account to their Windows 10 PC. Begin by clicking the Start button and choosing the gear-shaped settings icon.

2. Click on “Accounts” and then click on “Family and other users”.

3. Click “Add a family member” and follow the instructions to “Add a member” and enter your child’s email address.

4. After adding your child’s account, click it on the family and other users page and click “Can login”.

How to block website on windows 10 1

Allow your child to log into your computer using your Microsoft account.

Dave Johnson / Business Insider

Block websites through Microsoft’s website

1. In a web browser, go to and sign in with your adult Microsoft account.

2. Find your child’s account on the “Your Family” page. Under their name, click “More Options” and then click “Content Restrictions”.

How to block website on windows 10 2

Control website access from the “Content Restrictions” page.

Dave Johnson / Business Insider

3. In the “Web browsing” section, turn the “Block inappropriate websites” on by sliding the switch to the right. Now you should see controls to block and allow specific websites.

4. To block a website, click “Add the website you want to block” and then type or paste in the URL. You should see it in a list below the text box.

If you prefer, you can choose to block all sites except some that you specifically approve. To do this, click “Allow only these websites” and enter the sites you want to allow, one at a time in a text box, labeled “The website you want to allow. “.

How to block website on windows 10 3

Add each site you want to block at once.

Dave Johnson / Business Insider

How to block websites in Windows 10, Xbox One and Android devices

Microsoft provides a way to block undesirable websites, where your child doesn’t mind – as long as they’re not using Windows 10, Xbox One, or Android phones.

Microsoft’s Family Safety App is an Android app that you can use to filter the content that your children can access on your device.

1. To get started, set up Family Safety on your Android phone and log in with your adult Microsoft account.

How to block a website on windows 10 4

To get started, tap on your child’s account on the home page.

Dave Johnson / Business Insider

2. On the home screen, tap on your child’s name and then tap “Content Filter”.

3. Tap on “Web and Search”.

4. To block a site, type or paste the URL in the “Add website” field in the “Never allowed” section. It will appear in the list in the “Never allowed” section.

5. Tap “Save” in the top right of the screen.

You can choose to block all sites except some that you specifically approve. To do this, swipe the button to the right to turn “Allow only those allowed to use the websites” and then enter the sites you want to allow in the “Add a website” field.

How to block website on windows 10 5

On the “Web and Search” page, you can add sites to block one at a time, but be sure to remember to save your changes.

Dave Johnson / Business Insider

Now, these websites will be blocked or allowed on every device logged into your child’s Microsoft account.

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