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How the suspension of Joe Thornton affects the alignment of the Sharks in Critical Play 4

The fans of the Sharks and the Golden Knights of Vegas were invited to the fight they were waiting for at the end of Game 3 on Sunday night. After days of verbal blows and glances from opposing banks, Evander Kane and Ryan Reaves finally dropped the gloves with minutes remaining in the contest, a devastating 6-3 defeat for Team Teal.

But the fight between Kane and Reaves is not exclusive to this first-round playoff series. And although the two finally could throw hay on Sunday, it is likely that this is not the end of the saga either.

Keep in mind that mutual dislike like this goes on for many years. Kane and Reaves have had that healthy level of animosity between them for more than a decade, since when they both played each other in the Western Hockey League (Kane played for the Vancouver Giants and Reaves played for the Brandon Wheat Kings).

That dislike for each other then continued in the NHL races of both skaters. The two exchanged some punches again in 2017 during a confrontation between the Buffalo Sabers and St. Louis Blues. The confrontation led to a split-screen shot of the two who were left speechless from their respective banks, not as we have seen during the current series of Sharks and Knights.

We advance to this day and both skaters are on different teams, but the hostility is still alive and well, and has been growing at a fever level that leads to the fall of Game 3. With the Golden Knights beating the Sharks of the playoffs Last year and other teams in the Pacific Division in low seasons, the Las Vegas team has quickly become one of the most contentious rivals in San Jose.

Before the Round 1 match, Kane said about the Knights: "We're not going to invite dinner at Sunday night."

Kane ended up fighting with Reaves on Sunday night.

The war of words only adds fuel to the fire, whether it is squeaking on the ice or cutting blows told to the media. Kane he has referred to Reaves as the "nanny" of the Knights and Reaves has said that Kane is not so high when he is not on the ice. The two pulled each other out of their respective banks in Game 1 last week and finally dropped their gloves in Game 3.

The Sunday fight is also not likely to end this barbecue festival. Reaves kept the comments flowing after the Knights took the third game of the series by attacking Joe Thornton's age in the center of the Sharks with respect to the No. 19 check at the head of Tomas Nosek. As you remember, Thornton and Reaves also had some friction during the regular season.

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It is possible that Kane defends his teammate, either verbally or on ice. But Sharks fans expect that Kane will not do anything to get him in trouble or miss the action of the game.

Jeck, at least you can say that this series is not boring.

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