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It has been a great year for Impossible. . The new food company located in the bay area started the year with a new version of its original burger, and last week announced the closure of a $ 300 million round on the heels of its Burger King distribution.

What comes next for the company will probably not be so shocking to anyone in the world of herbal meat replacements. Engadget had some time behind the scenes at the location of the Redwood City startup, discovering that the sausage is next on the Impossible menu.

Judging from the sound of things, the breakfast meal will consist mainly of the same things as the company's burgers, even the imitation blood. Instead, the amounts of the ingredients will be mixed in different proportions, with the potato protein completely eliminated. In fact, the company has many different recipes at work that are largely reconfigurations of their "platform" product. Imagine it as a modular menu, so to speak. Hell, the rotation of the same basic ingredients has worked quite well for chains like Taco Bell over the years, so why not healthy foods?

Time and all those other good things are still to be determined.

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