How the correction of Ariana Grande's tattoo has made things worse.

Ariana Grande yells to the girls with tattoos in the first verse of her new hit single, 7 rings, and she revealed some fresh ink to celebrate the song.

But Grande's fans and critics warned him that the characters did not mean "seven rings" in Japanese, as he probably intended. In Japanese kanji, the characters are translated to Shichirin – A small charcoal grill.

Ironically, the correct Japanese translation of "seven rings" can be seen at the 12-second mark in the music video.

Ariana Grande is "roasted" on a typographical Japanese tattoo

Grande then tried to correct his tattoo, but ended up complicating things even more. BuzzFeed reported that Grande published a text exchange with his Japanese tutor on Instagram in which the tutor explained what characters and location of the kanji would fix the error. The publication now seems to be deleted.

In an Instagram story published on Thursday, Grande showed a revised tattoo. "A little better," she wrote. "Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix it."

Except, it was not better.

A reporter from BuzzFeed Japan was quick to point out that the new incorrect location of the additional Kanji characters actually caused it to be read "Japanese barbecue finger". And Kotaku reported that because the characters are sometimes read from top to bottom and from right to left, adding the new kanji character below the existing ones made the tattoo translate into nonsense. BuzzFeed explains that if you read from left to right, instead, it would result in "charcoal barbecue (finger) grill finger".

The Big Legend of Instagram concluded: "R.I.P. small charcoal grill, young lady or man. I really liked it."

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