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How Skyrim influenced the breath of the wild

When you think of massive, open-world and heavy-system games, there's a good chance that Skyrim and Zelda come to mind: Breath of the Wild. Despite six years between them, they share much in common: they are huge RPGs with environmental activity everywhere, secrets to discover and hidden areas to be completed. As a result, this is not a coincidence. The developer of Breath of the Wild was, in fact, inspired in part by Skyrim.

We recently sat down with game director Hidemaro Fujibayashi and producer Eiji Aonuma to talk about the genesis of Breath of the Wild and how the developer achieved a huge game. They explained that they did not search in other titles elements or characteristics to extract from them. In fact, Fujibayashi does not really play as many games at all.

"Actually I do not play many other games," Fujibayashi explained through a translator. "Obviously I'm well versed in them, I know what's going on in them But this ended up in this kind of bigger open world really started from the prototype stage where, naturally, by virtue of what we wanted to do in this game, we started to realize that we absolutely need this great open world to make the kind of game we wanted. "

However, the study did look at Skyrim to learn more about the challenges of making open-world games. Since nothing had ever been tackled before on the Breath of the Wild scale, the team needed data and material to investigate. According to Aonuma, Skyrim helped provide some of that data.

"In the past, I also said that I played Skyrim, so it's not necessarily that I do not play," Aonuma said. "But we do not see it since," Oh, what kind of things can we take from this game? It's more like "How can we prepare for this?" What should we expect from games like this? ? & # 39; "

" And we also think about how many people we might need, or how we can improve it, or with the number of people, "he continued. "We would collect data and then we would work and see what worked and what did not."

In other words, it seems that although Breath of the Wild did not owe its existence to Skyrim, the study investigated the Bethesda game. to help understand how to improve the open-world RPG formula. And, like Skyrim before, it seems that Breath of the Wild is a new point of reference in the genre.

Breath of the Wild recently received GameSpot's Game of the Year award for 2017. In our feature, critic Peter Brown explains: "Like the most significant games of the past, Breath of the Wild is a game that will be Discussed and analyzed in the coming years, everyone agrees that 2017 was an incredible year for the games, but nothing less than Breath of the Wild can be considered a milestone for the environment in general. "

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