How Samsung’s SmartTag Bluetooth Trackers Work (and How to Buy Them)

The SmartTag is small enough not to get it on the way.

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Samsung held its first unpacked event of the year on Thursday, with A. A trio of new Galaxy S21 phones, The company also introduced SmartTag and SmartTag Plus. The products are a direct competitor to Tile, a small Bluetooth tracker that helps locate lost items such as keys, your phone, pets, and anything else you regularly misplace or want to attach a tag to. We do. Samsung is collaborating with a free smarttag Galaxy S21 limitations.

There are many things to know about the new product. For a start, SmartTags connect to SmartThings Find, a service that is already built directly into Samsung Galaxy phones – SmartThings is Samsung’s hub for smart home devices. There are also two different types of smarttags, which confuse things right off the bat (don’t worry, we’ll explain below).

Here we know everything that works about Samsung’s SmartTag so far (and what we don’t), the price and the way it works, to know how to buy a SmartTag.

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Samsung debuts SmartTag object trackers


Samsung Smarttag: What Does It Do?

Samsung’s SmartTag is a small, battery-powered device that you can attach to things like a wallet, backpack, or even your pet. It is not clear what kind of battery SmartTag uses, what is the life of the battery or how to change it. We have asked Samsung for more details.

Once it is set up and linked to your Samsung account, the tag can be found on your phone using the Smartthings Find app.

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How do you use a smarttag to find a missing item?

After you realize the item is lost, open the SmartThings Find app on your smartphone. Next, you tap on Search Choose the card, the device you want to find, and wait for it to load.

If you are close to a lost object, you use the gauge on the screen to show how far the item is. The fuller the gauge becomes, the closer you are. To help you find the tag, you can play it sound.

If the tag is not close to you, don’t worry, it can still be found. Other Samsung devices near the tag will search for you anonymously, and then tell you where it is, without the device owner doing all the work. This is done in the background and encrypted to ensure confidentiality.

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SmartThings Find is the app you will use to track list items.

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Why are there two different types of smarttags?

In the classic Samsung trick, there are two different types of smarttags. The first, which is available with the Galaxy S21 lineup, uses Bluetooth Low Energy as its connection standard. The second version, called SmartTag Plus, will use Ultravideband Connectivity (UWB).

There are two versions of SmartTags, as not all Samsung Galaxy phones support UWB, but they all support BLE. Only Galaxy note 20 ultra, Galaxy S21 Plus and S21 Ultra support UWB.

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Samsung’s Galaxy S21 is a good looking phone, isn’t it?

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What is the difference between the two smarttags?

To locate a tag equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy using the SmartThings Find app, you will not be able to see the exact location of the tag, but can estimate how far away it is or off. It is the same type of technology that is used to stream music from your phone to your wireless earbuds or allows your phone to act as a key with a smart lock.

With Ultravideband, your phone and tag are able to talk to each other and estimate more precise location, within a few inches. Using a series of short pulses, a UWB device can communicate how long it takes to receive and receive pulses from one UWB device. In short, UWB is more accurate than BLE.

We would like more information about the expected difference between the two. we have a More detailed description here What exactly is UWB, how it works and can be used in other ways.


All color options for your Bluetooth Samsung SmartTag.

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Will both Bluetooth and UWB SmartTag models be available at the same time?

Samsung is first launching the standard SmartTag, later the UWB version is launching the SmartTag Plus. The company did not say when the bus was coming. Since a SmartTag is being combined with Galaxy S21 preorders, we consider what the BLE version is included.

How much does SmartTags cost?

SmartTags available for the Galaxy S21 launch are $ 30 for one, $ 50 for two, and $ 85 for a four-pack. The UWB version will launch at $ 40 for one and $ 65 for a two-pack.


Samsung revealed two new smarttags and their pricing.

Screenshot by Samsung / Sara Teeve / CNET

What is this bundle deal with Galaxy S21?

If you pre-mode the Galaxy S21, you’ll get a smarttag for free, plus a credit that ranges from $ 100 to $ 200, depending on which S21 model you order.

Will both tags work with every Galaxy phone?

Currently, the Galaxy S21 Plus, S21 Ultra and last year’s Note 20 Ultra support UWB SmartTag technology. All other Galaxy phones only support the BLE version of SmartTag.

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It’s too bad you can’t use SmartTag to track the new S Pen for the S21 Ultra.

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What else should I know?

The additional features of UWB mean that you can use a dedicated augmented reality mode in the SmartThings Find app that will help you pinpoint the location of a tag in the real world, rather than using a gauge that gets closer to you. Is filled only.

Using AR, you can hold and watch your phone and use the graphic in your phone’s camera and app to see the world around you to see exactly where the tag is.

Battery life is expected for previous months, but the battery is not replaceable. We have asked Samsung for more details and will update as we learn more.

Once we get our hands on the SmartTag and the S21, we will update this post with more information. Until then, be sure to check us out S21 Ultra’s early impressions. If you want to preorder the S21, Everything you should know here. We also take a deep dive and watch S21 Ultra’s S Pen Capacity.

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