How Pixar’s Spirit made a soul-searching adventure for all ages

PixarThere was always a habit to curb our curiosity about the world around us. Over the years, animation studios have made us think about ourselves Childhood toys In new ways, deepened us Mice appreciate, And even we should consider that all our Emotions play an important role In our life. now with inner heart, Pixar is tackling its most ambitious subject yet: the purpose of our existence. For a film aimed at audiences of all ages, inner heart Some of the great weight wanders into the area, with half of its story set in the “Great Before” – a place where spirits develop their personalities before they go to Earth, envisioned as a kind of celestial summer camp. is. So, was Pixar’s latest filmmakers worried about its ideas, which would be too big and too abstract for the smallest of filmmakers? Not necessary As The AV Club When we talked together we learned inner heart Co-director Pete doctor And Camp powers And producer Dana Murray, they were convinced by the young test audience, who found that they were often better able to explain the film’s complex ideas than their parents.

inner heart Will stream exclusively on Disney + from December 25.


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