How old is the cast of ‘Cobra Kai’?

in case you missed it, Cobra moss recently Made the move to Netflix, and with it, new viewers are getting acquainted with the story of Daniel LeRusso and Johnny Lawrence from the original Karate boy The film (played brilliantly, respectively, by Ralph Macchio and William Zabka). The reboot is accompanied by a new role of memorable supporting characters, such as Robbie Keane and Miguel Diaz. Unlike many other television shows, where adult actors can play adolescent or even older characters, these actors are actually quite close to their actual age (first!).

Wondering how old Macchio or Zabka is after all these years? The actual age of the cast on Netflix is ​​as follows Cobra moss Compared to their characters, including a slate of new Karate Kid universe figures.

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Ralph macchio

Illustration: Daniel Larso

Ages: 58

While fans in the 80s are still remembered for their roles in the OG film, Macchio’s 58-year-old fits right in to being in the middle of his character.


Martin cove

Illustration: John cressey

Ages: 74

As the head censor of the new Cobra Kai Dojo, Cressey knows a thing or two about coaching a tournament.


Tanner Buchanan

Illustration: Robbie Keane

Ages: 21

Although Johnny’s son in the series is a high-school student, Buchanan is a big IRL.


My mouser

Illustration: Samantha Larso

Ages: 24

Despite portraying a teenager in the series, Mouser is actually in his mid-twenties.


Zolo mariduna

Illustration: Miguel Diaz

Ages: 19

For a teenage character ready to be a 21st-century karate kid, Mariduna’s tender age of 19 is not felt very Very far.

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Gianni Decenzo

Illustration: Demitri

Ages: 16

As a sixteen-year-old, Decenzo is learning his way around working in Hollywood … like his character Demetri, who is trying to figure out his identity.


Courtney Hengler

Illustration: Amanda LaRusso

Ages: 41

At the age of 41 and after two decades in Hollywood, it is understandable that Hengler fits into the role of Amanda, because of a single voice within the series.


Jacob Bertrand

Illustration: The hawk

Ages: 20

Although he may play the role of a very passionate teenager who takes out all his inner rage in the dojo, Bertrand’s tender age of 20 makes him slightly older (and smarter) than his character.


Paul walter hoser

Illustration: Stingray

Ages: 33

If there is any character who is opposite Johnny Lawrence, it is Stingray. In real life, the actor playing his character is in his mid-30s, which seems very fitting for his character.

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