How old do you think Splatoon & # 39; s Marina & Pearl is …? Nop. –

How old do you think Splatoon & # 39; s Marina & Pearl is …? Nop.


Off the hook or on the hill?

An art book for the colorful Nintendo shooter, Splatoon 2 was released in Japan this week, with page after page of neon nightmares. More importantly, we finally got a canonical answer to the question that has been bothering fan-fic writers all over the world: How old are Marina and Pearl?

The duo, collectively known as the terrible rap-rock ensemble Off The Hook were named hosts of Splatfest earlier this year, replacing the clbadic squid sisters Callie and Marie. When revealed, fans made fun of Pearl for her gremlin qualities, while flattering her lovely partner Deejay. These fans are wrong, by the way, Pearl is the Queen of the World.

So, how old is Marina and her grumpy fellow-painter? Well, according to the new book, Marina is eighteen years old, which is noticeable, given her millennial fashion qualities. That only leaves Pearl, who always badumed it was about nine / ten, right?

Try Twenty-one.


To be honest, the tracks were there all the time. You need a little life experience under your tentacles before you know the correct way to hang toilet paper, or time to develop a cynicism of hard edges of the world before leaving that healthy bowl of bran flakes for a shit of bacon and eggs. At least she can go to a tracking bar with US, even if she is doomed to be carded at each stop.

There we have it, what it must surely is one of the biggest videos of 2017 the controversies of the game can finally be set aside. Now we can all ragdar in Electronic Arts and booties.

And remember: do not cook, do not get involved. BUH-BAM!

Iida (Navy) 18, Hime (Pearl) 21

– Eric B. Prater (@RecRoulette) November 30, 2017

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