How often should you wash your face mask

You may know how to wear a face mask properly to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, but do you know how often you should wash it? If you own a reusable cloth for your nose and mouth, the CDC states that it should be washed after each use.

A blue bag: how often you should wash your face

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How often should you wash your face mask

Coronovirus etiquette: face mask, working from home and more

OK but how? You can incorporate your mask into your regular laundry using regular detergents and the most appropriate setting is for the clothes used to make the mask, but since people don’t carry the full load of laundry every day, There are other options.

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According to the CDC, when washing by hand, use bleach, but check the label to make sure it is for disinfection and contains 5.25% to 8.25% sodium hypochlorite. Do not use the product if the percentage is not in that range or is not specified. Do not use it even if it has expired.

Before you mix your solution, make sure you have adequate ventilation. Open a window, door or exit if necessary. Next, prepare the solution by adding 5 tablespoons (or of cups) of bleach per gallon of room temperature water, or 4 tablespoons of bleach per quarter of room temperature water.

Soak the mask in the mixture for five minutes and then discard the bleach solution down the drain and rinse the mask thoroughly with cold or cold water water. Allow it to dry completely before reuse. To do this, you can throw it in the dryer using the highest heat setting or, if possible, lie flat to air-dry in direct sunlight.

If you do not have the resources to wash your cloth face mask every day, at least make sure to wash it regularly. And don’t forget about your sheets that should be cleaned Per week. If you didn’t know this, wait until you find out how many times in your life you should wash jeans and everything else.

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