How NXIVM Sex Cult Protected Trump From Media Attacks

I amf you are really curious how often the bar is displayed Fox and friendWe can find it in the Todding talk show where President Donald Trump appears to achieve his policy positions.

Yes, it remains below the location despite the fact that the persistent novel coronovirus epidemic that claims 174,000 American lives and counting One of my own hosts Contracting the disease – once welcomed, and then led by the “sex cult” Keith Raniere, aka “Mohra”, a member of NXIVM, the branding of Althani-based women. Revelation is one of many lies Oath, A 9-part documentary of the hunter self-help group on Sunday 23 August at HBO.

NXIVM operated several businesses to control its members, forcing them to work for 23 hours without pay. One of these was The Knife Media or The Knife. Short for The Knife of Aristotle, the site described itself on the NXIVM website as follows: “Knife Media is a digital news outlet that provides news without spin and rates media outlets for its level bias. Knife has Has a team of 15 editors, writers and collaborators [sic] Which are specialized in critical thinking, reasoning and analysis process of the company. ”

This “analysis process” was devised by none other than Ranier, a self-described genius who graduated college with a 2.26 GPA. “You know, we get negative press, and I think I know where it comes from,” Raniere says Oath. “But the good side of it is to learn about it and see how it’s done and how it’s done me, I was able to come up with a useful toolset that can actually change media, and transform how people interact with media and data within media. ”

Former members of NXIVM Oath It is alleged that Ranier created The Knife to train his physically and psychologically abused people against media criticism of the cult. One of these members was Mark Vicente, a documentary filmmaker most famous for his 2004 helming what the Bleep Do We Know!? Vicente says he was a founding member of The Knife, as well as Rosa Laura Junko (daughter of Alejandro Junco de la Vega, founder of the Reforma newspaper in Mexico); Battlefield Galactica Star Nikki Klein; Smallville Actress Allison Mack; And Jens Eric Gold, an ex Bloomberg And Time Reporter.

I trained a group of people, in what we call logic, in logic or Raniere’s idea … The idea was to give every newspaper article a rating.

In the film, Vicente says, “I was one of the founding members of The Knife.” “In short, it was a media company and the idea was to analyze the news for fairness – or lack of objectivity. I trained a group of people, which we call the logic of analysts — or Ranier’s ideas. We will talk about such prejudice in articles – slant, slant, the use of adjectives, basically talking about how subjective something was. The idea was to give a rating to every newspaper article. ”

The main purpose of the knife, it seems, was to defend President Donald Trump from the so-called “attacks” by the media. Published it Hundreds of articles Accusing the media of bias and misbehaving with Trump. “The #NYT letter sent to #Mueller in January broke the story about Trump’s legal team. It was dramatic and biased. Some of the latter’s coverage was more distorted – one outlet only earned a 3% integrity rating. Address Do which one, ”The Knife tweeted on June 5, 2018. (A month ago, Elon Musk of Tesla cited an article in The Knife as evidence of his unfair media treatment.)

On July 23, 2017, Gold made an appearance Fox and friend For a segment titled “Evaluating Media Prejudice in the Trump Presidency”, the video of which still remains on Fox News’ YouTube page. (Fox News declined to comment for this article.)


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