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How next year's iPhone could be good for Google – BGR

LG is one of the screen makers competing for Apple's OLED business now that iPhones come with great OLED displays. And Apple is looking for more iPhone X suppliers to cut its dependence on Samsung, which is currently the only company capable of mass-producing OLED displays that meet Apple's stringent requirements.

That's why it would not be surprising to hear that Apple has hired LG Display to make screens according to their specifications, especially since the two companies are working on a mysterious iPhone design that Apple wants to keep secret from Samsung. And Google Pixel can be an indirect beneficiary of an Apple-LG OLED agreement.

A report says that LG will announce soon if its display arm will manufacture OLED displays for future iPhone X models.

"Regarding the OLED supply supply for Apple's iPhone X, nothing has been set in When we confirm something in detail, we will announce it, or (otherwise an announcement will be made) in a month, "LG Display said in a regulatory filing on Wednesday afternoon.

The statement was made in response to the request of Korea Exchange of LG clarified speculation that LG claimed to have signed an OLED supply agreement for the iPhone X, reports The Korea Herald .

On the same date that LG published its statement, another report said that LG Display is currently setting up production equipment at the Paju E6 plant. Once it is in operation, the assembly line will begin manufacturing screens sometime in June. It will be ready to supply some 60 million OLED units, supposedly by the end of next year.

How important is this for Pixel from Google? Well, Apple will probably fix LG's OLED displays, so they can offer the same performance as Samsung's OLED displays used on the iPhone X. There's no way for Apple to consider buying from LG if LG's OLED technology can not match Samsung's

The iPhone X has the best screen in the industry according to the experts on screens that previously crowned the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 as the best screen of a smartphone. Before that, the Galaxy S8 received that title.

Pixel 2 XL from Google was criticized for several screen issues that were not replicated in the smaller Pixel 2. Samsung manufactured the Pixel 2 screen, while LG is responsible for the OLED screen in Pixel 2 XL: the entire Pixel 2 XL phone is manufactured by LG. Next year, it is expected that Google will launch all Pixel 3 phones with full screen, and it is very likely to include OLED screens made by Samsung and / or LG.

If Apple and LG end up making a deal or not, the reports do. It says Apple will sell two OLED iPhones next year, which means it will require more supply than Samsung can offer. LG Display is not the only company that seeks to protect OLED screen orders. The BOE of China is ready to build a plant that would only produce a supply of OLED displays for Apple phones.

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