How much time will pass before the next cleanse civilization?


Earth could be due to its next super volcanic eruption, an event that would devastate the planet and end civilization.

A team of scientists studied the average time between these monstrous eruptions of volcanoes and discovered that these catastrophes Explosions occur more often than previous scientific estimates would indicate, according to a study in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters. The new research established the timeline in approximately 17,000 years after the last one, although it said that super eruptions can occur as fast as 5,200 years or even 48,000 years after its predecessor.

"Volcanoes represent a greater risk to human civilization than previously thought," says the study.

The University of Bristol explained that the geological evidence shows that the last two super eruptions occurred between 20,000 and 30,000 years ago.

"In general, we have had some luck not to experience any super eruption since then," researcher Jonathan Rougier said in the university statement. "But it is important to appreciate that the absence of super eruptions in the last 20,000 years does not imply that it has expired." Nature is not so regular. "

Previous scientific estimates have calculated a range of 45,000 to 714,000 years between the eruptions.

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