How Meghan Markle used ‘bold’ networking strategy to promote herself

Before Meghan Markle met Prince Harry, she was already a big name in Hollywood because she starred in the hit legal drama Suit, Had contracts with leading fashion designers And even owned their own website Tiger.

In relation to his success, celebrity biographer Sean Smith, in his new book Meghan misunderstood, Revealed how the Duchess of Sussex was able to establish major connections.

According to Smith, Meghan used a networking technique when she moved to London in the summer of 2016.

“Meghan had put her profile next to that of a celebrity to promote one of her strategies, they could both benefit from the resulting publicity. This approach worked well, for example, when He was photographed with the champion Irish golfer, Rory McElroy., “She wrote.

“She was very fashionable for some time to have cold water poured on her as part of the ALS ice bucket challenge. Rory nominated Meghan, which meant he was throwing water and she was getting wet.”

The author also revealed that Meghan loved to have a conversation and would give messages to people she didn’t know, hoping they would reply.

“Meghan never minded cold-messaging to anyone. She had an old hand for using social media. She did so boldly after getting started.” Tiger And making contact with supermodel Heidi Klum, whom she had never met. “

Meghan launched her lifestyle blog, Tiger, In May 2014. On September 9, she wrote about Klum and later asked him to contribute to the blog.

“Last year, after a Golden Globe party, I found a place that can only be described as the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen. Yes, equally speaking, Heidi Klum is gorgeous,” he said Wrote

“But it was so much more than that … she looked real. The kind of chick you want to have a drink with, being a producer / host / model / designer who dons a mummy hood and messy or laughing Is not afraid of. On himself. “

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