How many times should Jared Leto’s Morbius be delayed ?!

One of the first cinematic pleasures of recent times – going to the theater with a like-minded (and, utterly honest, incredibly stonemasoned) prior to the Times, hilarious film-loving peers Communal experience watching a big silly movie Poison. And it is for this reason and the reason that we will No Advocacy of issuing COVID-friendly VOD Morbius, Sony’s next installment in the universe of Spider Man Spinoffs, which are really just spinoffs in the sense that they employ Spider-Man villains as a capitalist system – you know what that means. The thing is that we Worth To see Morbius, A film in which Jared Leto plays Keith Ranier’s past (or is Rainier the ghost of Leto’s future? It’s hard to say), in an actual movie theater. With friends. Possibly most definitely under the influence of illegal and / or legitimate substances.

All this is to say that we are not disappointed or even surprised to learn, Via Variety, That MorbiusTheatrical release has been delayed again due to the ongoing epidemic. Previously, Sony had delayed releasing it until the upcoming March, raising theater closures and security restrictions, which forced many to film similar films, such as the blockbuster tentpole Black widow Short, highly anticipated titles like Sweet seller. Sony’s latest redesigned shifting Morbius On 8 October. We Will Watch the silly Jared Leto vampire superhero movie and we Will It is a pleasure to do so in a real gosh-darn movie theater SO HELP US ALL.


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