How long has Kylie Jenner been friends with Megan the Stallion?

Jordan Woods and Kylie Jenner were longtime best friends. There was a lot of similarity between the two. Both are models, whose mothers have sought to advance their careers. But Kylie was propelled to fame by her Kardashian step-siblings, while Woods came to people’s attention as Kylie’s friend. BFFs often appeared on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Woods would later be a frequent guest on Kylie’s life. Unfortunately, their friendship ended when Woods and Chloe Kardashian’s boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, were caught stepping out together.

Kylie was seen walking around with Jordan Woods’ friend Megan Thea Stallion, fans had plenty of thoughts. The same night the two were hanging out, Megan Thee Stallion was reportedly shot. Kylie has not made a statement on the night that allegedly happened. How long have these two been friends?

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Jordan Woods and Megan The Stallion are tight

After losing his BFF in one of the biggest Kardashian scandals of all time, Woods was in the market for some new friends. According to Pagesics, he found one in the Megan Thee Stallion. Woods and rappers have been hanging out for over a year. They often post Instagram pics together. For her part, Kylie has also made new friends. She replaces Woods with another model, Stacey Karanicolaou.

Although it would have been difficult for both Woods and Jenner to move on and make new friends, both agreed that it was probably for the best. Kylie thinks that her friendship with Woods was holding him back in a way. “I just felt like, ‘Oh, I have Jordan, I don’t need anything else.” And I think there is a part of me that needs to grow without him, and sometimes people are in your life for certain reasons and not others. “Apart from time, both women have been allowed to grow and make new friends. Interestingly, the stallion has become a link between them.

Kylie Jenner and Megan The Stallion have been out at least once

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Although they are not as tight as Stallion and Woods, Kylie and Stallion have a relationship. The duo posted a video with rapper Tori Lenz in July. The trio apparently attended the same pool party. In the Instagram clip, everything looks hanky-dory. This was the first time Kylie and Stallion had been out in public.

Unfortunately, the night took a dark turn. After hanging out with Kylie, Lenz and the stallion have some kind of drama. It was reported that Megan Thea Stallion was shot, although the full details of the incident are not yet clear, Cosmopolitan reports. Lenz was arrested on weapons charges. The original report of the incident stated that the stallion was injured by glass after Lennion’s vehicle was shot in the air. Stallion himself took to Instagram to dispel those rumors for sure. He said he was shot and it was not an accident. It seems that Lenz and Stallion were not with Kylie when the shooting took place, but some speculate that Kylie had nothing to do with the incident.

Megan The Stallion may have debated Kylie Jenner with Tory Lenz

Lenz, the stallion and Kylie were all roaming outside at the pool party. It is very clear. What happened next is still unknown, but there are some disturbing rumors. One such accusation comes from Adam Grandmasan or Adam 22. The hip-hop podcaster clearly has a source that says a fight about Kylie started the play, according to Screenrant.

Grandmison believes that Stallion and Lenz were romantically involved. That theory is gaining traction among fans, but Grandmison also feels that Lenz may have been flirting with Kylie. It is possible that Kylie retaliated. According to Dadi, Lenz’s attention to Kylie went to a fight with the Stallion. Things got very heated, and Lenz apparently took out his gun early in the morning. If these rumors about Kylie and Lenz are true, it is likely that the stallion and Kylie’s friendship will be a short one.