How I discovered the magic of full travel games

The problem with these examples is that they are highly familiar; I built mine Animal cross Island myself, so there was nothing new to discover once I unlocked everything. And the manhattan Spider Man Hai, well, Manhattan. (Without actually being able to enter shops and museums.) I was missing the thrill of the journey, which is to see new things.

The idea of ​​using video games as a way to “travel” is not new, and a lot of games can scratch that itch if you like elaborate world building. I could spend the day Wild breath Alone, and I have always enjoyed historical tours Assassins Creed sport. But you are also at risk of getting attacked, or falling from a tall building or rock. There is danger

No, what I needed was something more laid back, something accidental. What I eventually wanted was called a “walking simulator”.

My colleague Devindra has written A small increase Earlier this year, and I gave a shot, because it is, at its heart, a travel game. You are walking around a small island with lots of small trails where there are beaches to explore, combs and many islands where you can swim. This is surprisingly the apt entertainment of a weekend getaway, even to the glitter of characters that bump you up everywhere. The magic of reaching the summit is similar to finding those one or two secluded moments in a public forest, when everything is beautiful and it is just for you.

However, reaching the climax is the end of the game – you can continue the quest, but I never finish. I’m fine with the door being shown after the credits. And besides, I wanted to continue traveling, but now with a glance to look and feel again A small increase. Wide Ocean Big Jacket Another game I’ve played this year (and written about) with a similar spirit, though more narratively driven.

I abolished the gravitas toward, which tended more toward experimental thanks to its low barrier of entry for creators, and also the wide variety of what is now called the “nutritional game”. [Be sure to check out our roundup of favorite titles from’s Bundle for Racial Justice!] Like games Animal cross In it they emphasize warm, happy feelings to be nice or cute rather than a mean or violent one. They are easy to spot because they use a decidedly different color palette from more mainstream titles, embracing softer yellows and oranges and lots of pink. (They make me think of cream.)

Olivia haynes

The first title that caught my eye was a brief attention title Terracotta. As you can guess, there are lots of soft reds and browns with yellow and pink. This is a very simple drama, you are walking from your home to the shop. As you walk, the dialogue shows that you are suffering from depression, and this short walk is a big thing because you barely leave your house. This was oddly appropriate in this time of social isolation, when there were months when I left my apartment only to go to the store. Familiar sites outside get more meaning when you haven’t seen them in a while, and the game represents that parasite with a strange moving chalk drawing. It is a very short and concise title, but it left an impression on my psyche.

I then searched a bit further, and found Forgotten fields From Frostwood Interactive. The download available on is only a demo, but it was enough to capture the emotions I hoped it would be: The game has a strong sense of mood and place, with beautiful shots of houses and creatures, giving you One also gets to ride. Scooter collided with palm trees near the sea under a tree. For me it strongly stirred up my grandmother’s town in Puerto Rico, even though the game was set up on the other side of the planet. The story is a bit less relaxed, that of a writer suffering from writer’s block (ugh). But the parts he is churning are interesting because the game lets you play that fictional story – at least until he loses his train of thought.

Another promising game i watched Venice 2089. Aha, I thought, a game that lets me explore a city that I’m not likely to visit any time soon! And it lovingly renovates Italy’s city buildings, tiled streets and canals – I cannot speak of its accuracy, but it is sufficiently visible. And the story encourages exploration of the city, with a main character who hovers on a hoverboard (this is the future, after all). There are items to gather, tasks to perform and people to talk to, and I was eager to do so. What ultimately stopped me was not the short length of the demo, but the fact that at this stage it is terrifying. A low frame rate was a common problem when I looked at the comments, one that developers are working to correct. But if you have a high-spec machine, it is still worth watching.

Even though more locations are opening up to visitors and I’ve been finding myself browsing deals on travel websites for a long time, I don’t think that my love of the full game with a strong sense of location is going to happen anytime soon Getting away If anything, I need those quick getaways more than ever, especially when the weather gets cold again. I am happy to support any developers trying to capture that special feeling you feel when you as your partner in a sun-covered glen with only the sound of birds and a calm breeze Have gone astray.