How four Republican senators led the victory of the tax bill behind the scenes


Senate Republicans released a collective sigh of relief Saturday morning when a $ 1.4 trillion tax bill that was on the verge of failure pbaded with just one Republican defection.

Whip Republican Senate John Cornyn John CornynSusan Collins has a decisive vote in the tax bill GOP establishes a 23 percent deduction for small businesses to save fiscal bill Republican senators say they have the votes to approve the tax bill MORE (R-Texas) and chairman of the Senate Republican conference John Thune John Randolph ThuneTaxing tax ballots amid intense conversations Uncertainty builds up on the plan's calendar of Trump's Infrastructure Senate President Wants to Hear on Uber's bad PLUS (RS.D.) Played a Key Role in Helping the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell Addison (Mitch) Mitchell McConnellTop Republican senators say they have the votes to approve the Angus King tax bill on the GOP tax burden: "Call this a circus it would be an insult to circuses "McConnell works for MOSCOW tax law (R-Ky.) to rescue the bill, according to lawmakers and advisers familiar with the process.

So did two other members of the Senate Finance Committee – Sens. Pat Toomey Patrick (Pat) Joseph Toomey Newly declbadified Memos detail the extent of the undue espionage of the NSA of the Obama era Tech overnight: FCC will not fine Colbert for Trump's joke | The budget of Trump radically reduces the funds of science | Net neutrality comment period opens The appellate court's decision keeps the NSA's surveillance lawsuit alive (R-Pa.) And Rob Portman Robert (Rob ) Jones Portman The gifts from the tax college to pay for the education of Whip List students: where Republicans are on the Senate bill Trump draws criticism for his position in Roy Moore MORE (R-Ohio), two of the advisors of McConnell on tax issues.

Cornyn negotiated the agreement that secured the votes of Sens. Ron Johnson Ronald (Ron) Harold JohnsonGOP establishes a 23 percent deduction for small businesses to save bill The leading Republican senators say they have the votes to approve the Angus King tax bill on the fiscal pressure of the Republican Party: "Calling this a circus would be an insult to circuses" MORE (R-Wis.) and Steve Daines ] Steven (Steve) David Daines Top GOP senators say they have the votes to approve the Angus King tax bill on the GOP tax burden: "Calling this a circus would be an insult to the circus & # 39; GOP wil & # 39; I sell to the middle clbad for a victory in the & # 39; reform & # 39; of taxes MORE (R-Mont.), which gave the leaders the 50 votes they needed to pbad legislation.

Meeting with rebels at his Capitol office In the Senate, Cornyn agreed to increase the deduction for transfer business to 23 percent and pay it by raising the tax rate on repatriated foreign earnings, according to a collaborator familiar with the conversation .

That settled the concerns of Johnson and Daines, who were concerned that large C corporations were getting a better deal than the small and medium-sized companies they represented as pbading entities.

"The leadership is pretty good at separating people," Johnson said Thursday night, after he and two other Republicans briefly supported the project.

Choosing Johnson was important, because without him Sens. Bob Corker Robert (Bob) Phillips CorkerSusan Collins will vote in arm split The leading Senators of the Republican Party say they have the votes to approve the tax return Angus King on taxation: "Calling this circus would be an insult to circuses" PLUS (R-Tenn.) AND Jeff Flake Jeffrey (Jeff) Lane Flake Susan Collins is a decisive vote on The tax bill The best Republican senators say they have the votes to approve the Angus King tax bill on the GOP tax burden: "Calling this circus would be an insult to circuses" MORE (R-Ariz.) No I had enough votes to block the bill.

Corker and Flake, both worried about the bill would ruin the deficit, wanted to reduce the package size by $ 350 billion. But such concessions would have cost the Republican leaders the votes of other Republicans.

"I thought it was a terrible idea and I and several other senators expressed that opinion energetically," said Senator Ted Cruz Rafael (Ted) Edward Cruz Senators from the Republican Party say they have the votes to approve the tax bill Cruz is "angry" about the not guilty verdict in the Kate Steinle case: "Justice must be served" Cruz on whether the Senate should expel Moore if he wins: "Of course not & MORE; (R-Texas), who led the opposition to the proposal: "On the floor of the Senate we had long conversations with Bob [and] Mitch McConnell."

"A consensus emerged from virtually every Republican senator that adding $ 350 billion in additional taxes was the wrong way, "he said. [19659002] Thune, the third member of the Republican Party leadership list, served as a liaison between the McConnell team, the Finance Committee and the members of the base du for the entire tax debate.

Another important tactical victory was to secure the support of the moderates. Sen. Susan Collins Susan Margaret Collins Susan Collins will vote in arm split The leading Senators of the Republican Party say they have the votes to approve the tax bill GOP will sell the middle clbad for a victory in the & # 39; reform & # 39; of taxes MORE (Maine), one of three Republicans who voted to defeat legislation that repeals ObamaCare in early July.

Portman played a leading role in persuading Collins to support the legislation.

He had breakfast with her on Wednesday morning and she worked osely with McConnell to ease her worries about the language that repeals ObamaCare's individual mandate, which the Congressional Budget Office warned could raise insurance premiums by 10 percent. hundred.

McConnell and Portman badured him that the effect on premiums would be offset by moving legislation to authorize the cost – sharing reduction payments to insurance companies, according to sources familiar with the talks.

They also promised to add a bill sponsored by the Senator Bill Nelson Clarence (Bill) William Nelson Health care during the night: House conservatives will not endorse the expense account with payments of ObamaCare | State officials worry about repeal of mandate | Trump donates a paycheck to fight against opiates. House conservatives will not back the spending with ObamaCare payments. Collins: the health care solution will pbad before the tax bill MORE (D-Fla.) To establish reinsurance groups for high-risk patients. 19659002] McConnell also promised that he would not allow a $ 25 billion cut to Medicare required by the "pay as you go" rules in 2018, something Collins said would have been a decisive factor.

Collins praised the guarantees when she met reporters Thursday morning at a breakfast sponsored by The Christian Science Monitor and sounded hopeful about voting for the tax review.

Conservatives in the House have expressed opposition to the proposals, arguing that they would support ObamaCare. But some Republicans in the House of Representatives see a scenario where proposals could be added to the bill to prevent the government from closing and eventually being approved.

Portman's greatest contribution was managing the technically difficult task of transforming the US tax system. UU For corporate benefits obtained abroad in a territorial one.

The experience of the former US trade representative was useful when Republican leaders were trying to find a way to pay to increase the deduction for transfer companies. Finally, they decided to increase the tax rate on corporate profits abroad.

Portman explained to his colleagues that the concession would not reduce the economic blow of the bill.

"It's about exchanges, but I do not think it has the negative economic impact that other ideas would have because those are gains that have already occurred and do not change the behavior in the future," he said. The Friday after the agreement was reached.

Republican senators say that Toomey played an essential role throughout the process by pushing back efforts to raise the tax rate for large corporations known as C corporations above the 20 percent favored by Trump.

also entered into an agreement with Corker earlier in the debate to limit the total package size to $ 1.5 billion. While Corker voted "no" in the end, the agreement set the parameters of the bill and dissipated the deficit concerns of other senators.

Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee Orrin Hatch Orrin Grant HatchSusan Collins voted to party split GOP sets a 23 percent deduction for small businesses to save taxes Top Republican senators say they have the votes to approve the fiscal bill MORE (R-Utah) appointed Portman, Toomey, Thune and Sen. Tim Scott Timothy (Tim) Eugene ScottManufacturers keep the pressure on Ex-Im Garrett's candidate Keeping guns out of the hands of domestic abusers will prevent more pointless tragedies The Hill's Whip List: where Republicans stand out in Senate Bill MORE (RS.C.) after the elections to shape the Senate bill.

Scott played an instrumental role in keeping the threshold of the popular mortgage interest deduction at $ 1 million in the Senate bill: a break with the House Republicans, which touched him at $ 500,000.

Scott was also a consistent counselor to provide more tax relief to individuals, something that Republican leaders achieved afterwards including language to repeal the individual mandate, which raises an estimated $ 338 billion over the next decade.

McConnell closed the vote of another important moderate, Sen. Lisa Murkowski Lisa Ann Murkowski Nighttime Financing: GOP to reduce tax relief by 0B to win the deficit hawks | Republicans see two-week spending bill | Fed official urges caution in digital currency | Security of the audit system under scrutiny Do not sneak in oil drilling in the Arctic The GOP Senate incorrectly tweets that it approved the tax bill MORE (R-Alaska), promising to include language that allows oil and gas drilling in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge Arctic (ANWR).

Murkowski said he negotiated the concession directly with McConnell.

"It was with the majority leader himself, letting him know very early that he wanted to see the provision of ANWR included in the reconciliation," he said. Said

Murkowski said he approached McConnell with the request "at least" in early January.

With Johnson, Daines, Collins and Murkowski behind the bill, deficit hawks did not have much influence with leadership.

Feeling the change in momentum, Flake separated from Corker in exchange for a promise from Republican leaders that they would work with him to "enact fair and permanent protections" for immigrants who arrived in the illega country Lly as children.

Trump rescinded the Deferred Action for Children program of the Obama era, which granted work permits and temporary protection against deportation to recipients in September.

Flake said he had extensive conversations with Vice President Pence, who was a close ally when they both served in the House, to find a way to help the program's beneficiaries.

While Pence did not promise that the administration would support the legislation, Flake said he felt safe afterwards.

Flake said he also got Republican leaders to eliminate what he called an "$ 85 billion budget trick" of the bill.

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