How fast did the wind roar where you live in upstate New York? One place hit 68 mph (graph)

Syracuse, NY – Wind gusts of up to 68 mph roared through upstate New York today, knocking down trees and cutting power to thousands of customers.

The strongest winds reported by the National Weather Service were at Dunkirk Airport, where a gust of 68 mph was recorded just before noon.

Several places in western New York hit 60 mph, including Buffalo, Batavia, and Fredonia. Roads in the region were closed due to falling trees and cables.

Gusts of 50 mph or more tore through almost every county from Chautauqua to Oneida.

Below is a list of the highest gusts reported today by the Buffalo and Binghamton offices of the weather service.

Here is a key to the abbreviations in the “source” column: NYSM: New York State Mesonet | ASOS: Automated Surface Observation Systems | AWOS: Automated weather observation system | CoCoRaHS: Rain, Hail and Snow Community Collaboration Network | COOP: Cooperative Observer Program | CWOP: Citizen Weather Observation Program | GPSMET: Global Positioning System Meteorology | NonfedAWOS: Non-Federally Owned Automated Weather Observation Systems | NWLON: National Water Level Observation Network.

Highest Wind Gusts in Upstate New York, March 26

county Location Gust (mph) Source
Allegany Belmont 44 NYSM
Allegany Grove fifty NYSM
Broome Belden 47 NYSM
Broome Binghamton 30 CWOP
Broome Binghamton 38 CWOP
Broome Binghamton 42 NYSM
Broome Binghamton 47 CWOP
Broome Binghamton Airport 46 ASOS
Broome Conklin 35 CWOP
Broome Endicott 32 CWOP
Broome Endicott Tri-Cit 38 AWOS
Broome Lisle 44 CWOP
Broome Vestal 36 CWOP
Broome Vestal 37 CWOP
Broome Vestal 39 CWOP
Broome Vestal 42 CWOP
Broome Vestal 43 CWOP
Broome Vestal Four. Five CWOP
Cattaraugus Delevan 53 NYSM
Cattaraugus Olean 42 NYSM
Cattaraugus Olean airport 41 AWOS
Cattaraugus Randolph 52 NYSM
Cayuga Scipio Center fifty NYSM
Chautauqua Clymer 52 NYSM
Chautauqua Dunkerque Airport 68 ASOS
Chautauqua Fredonia 60 NYSM
Chemung He looks 51 NYSM
Chemung Elmira airport 55 ASOS
Chemung Ireland 40 CWOP
Chenango 1 N Sherburne 30 RAWS
Chenango Greene 38 CWOP
Chenango Greene 38 CWOP
Chenango Norwich 39 CWOP
Chenango Norwich 41 AWOS
Chenango Plymouth 30 CWOP
Chenango Sherburne Four. Five NYSM
Chenango Sidney Four. Five AWOS
Cortland Cincinnatus 41 NYSM
Cortland Cortland Airport 38 AWOS
Delaware Afton 31 CWOP
Delaware Andes 38 NYSM
Delaware To deposit 31 NYSM
Delaware Franklin 37 CWOP
Delaware Harpersfield 38 NYSM
Delaware Margaretville 3. 4 CWOP
Delaware Roxbury 51 NYSM
Delaware Walton 39 NYSM
Erie Brant 53 NYSM
Erie Buffalo 60 NOS-NWLON
Erie Buffalo Airport 60 ASOS
Erie East Aurora 51 NYSM
Erie Kenmore 60 Trained observer
Genesee Batavia 53 AWOS
Genesee Batavia 62 NYSM
Jefferson Fort Drum Airfield 43 AWOS
Jefferson Philadelphia 42 NYSM
Livingston Dansville airport 41 ASOS
Livingston York 56 NYSM
Madison Brookfield 51 NYSM
Madison Hamilton 33 AWOS
Madison Hamilton 35 AWOS
Madison Morrisville 43 NYSM
Monroe Brockport 58 NYSM
Monroe Rochester airport 59 ASOS
Monroe Hurry 48 NYSM
Niagara Burt 42 NYSM
Niagara Niagara Falls Airport 55 ASOS
Oneida Camden 33 NYSM
Oneida Deansboro 44 CWOP
Oneida Griffiss Airfield 36 AWOS
Oneida Westmoreland 38 CWOP
Oneida Westmoreland fifty NYSM
Oneida Whitesboro 35 CWOP
Onondaga Apulia Station 41 CWOP
Onondaga Camillus 31 CWOP
Onondaga Camillus 42 CWOP
Onondaga Clay 32 CWOP
Onondaga Clay 40 CWOP
Onondaga Fairmount 40 CWOP
Onondaga Fayetteville fifty NYSM
Onondaga Jordan 54 NYSM
Onondaga Manlius 39 CWOP
Onondaga Minoa 32 CWOP
Onondaga Otisco 52 CWOP
Onondaga Phoenix 37 CWOP
Onondaga Skaneateles 31 CWOP
Onondaga Skaneateles 43 AWOS
Onondaga Syracuse 37 CWOP
Onondaga Syracuse 38 CWOP
Onondaga Syracuse 40 AWS
Onondaga Syracuse airport 51 ASOS
Onondaga Tully 42 CWOP
Onondaga Tully 48 NYSM
Ontario Clifton springs 55 NYSM
Ontario South Bristol 55 NYSM
Orleans 3 E Medina 57 NYSM
Otsego 1 That Laurens 43 AWOS
Otsego Cooperstown 35 CWOP
Otsego Cooperstown 37 CWOP
Otsego Laurens 51 NYSM
Otsego Springfield 42 NYSM
Schuyler Bolter Creek 38 RAWS
Schuyler Burdett 48 NYSM
Schuyler Gabriels Crossing 56 CWOP
Schuyler Tyrone 54 NYSM
Schuyler Watkins glen 53 CWOP
Seneca 1 Sse Seneca Falls 48 AWOS
Seneca Waterloo 47 NYSM
Steuben Addison 41 NYSM
Steuben Canisteo 47 CWOP
Steuben Cohocton 49 NYSM
Steuben Gang mills 37 RAWS
Steuben Hartsville 60 NYSM
Sullivan Eldred 41 NYSM
Sullivan Jeffersonville 30 CWOP
Sullivan North Branch 37 NYSM
Sullivan Sullivan County Airport 38 AWOS
Sullivan Woodbourne Four. Five NYSM
Tioga Berkshire 46 NYSM
Tioga Owego 40 CWOP
Tioga Owego 46 NYSM
Tioga Spencer 40 CWOP
Tioga City of Owego 3. 4 CWOP
Tompkins Dryden 43 CWOP
Tompkins Groton 46 NYSM
Tompkins Ithaca Four. Five CWOP
Tompkins Ithaca airport 44 AWOS
Tompkins Slaterville springs 41 CWOP
Wayne Ontario 44 NYSM
Wayne Williamson Sodus 40 AWOS
Wayne Wolcott Four. Five NYSM
Wyoming Warsaw 58 NYSM
Yachts Penn Yan 56 ASOS
Yachts Penn Yan 56 NYSM

Source: National Weather Service

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