The New York Jets unveiled their new uniforms Thursday night, Nike's last disappointing collaboration with an NFL team looking to modernize their image.

Anyone who is a fan of Air Jordan (I am one) will tell you that, despite the many clbadics of footwear and clothing giant of past years, new appearances and restarts leave something to be desired frequently.

The Brbad Jets boasted that their review, if it can be called that, took five years to complete. This vast creative and planning effort amounted to a slightly modified logo, a different font for numbers and a new shade of green – "Gotham Green" (wow!) – hooked to "Spotlight White" and "Stealth Black", which They are pretentious Names for … black and white. Oh, "New York" has also been added to the jersey of a team that has its headquarters and plays its home games … in New Jersey.

The QB Sam Darnold models the new Jets uniforms, which provoked a severe reaction on social networks. (Photo: Julio Cortez, AP)

In general, quite unimaginative given the untapped potential of, say, fighter jets and, worse, given the way the franchise breathlessly promoted this revelation. The legions of fanatics of the Jets disappointed in social networks (fairly) considered the imitations of the new unis of Saskatchewan Roughriders of the Canadian Football League, and those were some of the most diplomatic opinions.

Fortunately, most of the NFL teams have adhered to threads or signature designs tested for the time that are shown to be the fairest to the fastest.

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So with little more than writing, and there are still three weeks left until the draft, here are uniform power ratings that you were dying to discuss:

32. Washington Redskins: Products from a bygone era, like many locals would like the current regime to be a bygone era. This ranking would be greatly favored by the simple fact of mocking the Indian Head logo that obviously offends many and resurging the Florida State colorway that the team used in the late 60's and again in 2002. Or simply discard the entire brand and start again. Yes, maybe that.

31. Cleveland Browns: I appreciate the affinity of its fan base for the horrible combination of orange and brown colors and the helmet without logo, because most of the rest of the United States is in trouble … especially after Nike somehow managed to make it worse in 2015 But do not fear, the Browns have vowed to look more familiar next year, co-owner Dee Haslam proclaimed last month: "I think we did it right this time." As long as it's less bad, Mrs. H. …

30. Arizona Cardinals: They have contracted Buffalo syndrome, dabbling too much. Do yourself a favor, Cards, and return to Pat Tillman's editions with the state flag on their shoulders.

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29. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cleaner after removing the mustard stains and leaving the two tone helmet. But the current feline unfortunately looks like Chester Cheetah of Cheetos, can not blame Blake Bortles for that.

28. Miami Dolphins: For those of you who have not woken up, and talked to many, many of you over the years, the aquatic mammal is jumping out of the water with the South Florida sun in the background, not in a hoop of SeaWorld That said, I prefer the logo of the previous dolphin with the helmet and the softer aqua and orange tones.

27. Baltimore Ravens: They have not existed for a quarter of a century, but they have changed a bit, even the unfortunate Dijon pants in 2015. But at the end of the day, black and purple suggest that you were at the wrong end of the bar fight.

26. Detroit Lions: The personal bias here, since I'm more of a Chevrolet guy, is the Earnhardt fan in me, so Ford's cross marketing does not help. In general, nothing objectionable … except maybe that Silver Color Rush.

25. Atlanta Falcons: It's time to sweep away the vestiges of Michael Vick's days for something new … or the "current" flashbacks, which look much better than standard units. Even better? The red helmet attached to the black jersey, around 1966.

24. New York Jets: Meh The only real salvation is the return of the green helmets, which should allow the J-E-T-S Finally He returns to his much cooler outfits from the salad days of the New York Sack Exchange in the 80s.

23. Tennessee Titans: I am still Processing the 2018 update. Pretty sure I prefer the Navy helmets. I'm pretty sure I like the flaps on my shoulders and the "pod" on my hip, which conjures up images of a Roman centurion. However, lack of general style.

22. Carolina Panthers: The logo is fine. The colors are even nice, particularly the inclusion of the quasi-Tar Heel blue. My biggest complaint is their long-standing insistence on becoming white on white at home at the beginning of the season instead of presenting their options in black and silver or (now) blue and silver.

21. Cincinnati Bengals: I've always thought that tiger-striped helmets were slippery. However, the uniform itself has been degraded since the two Super Bowl trips of the team in the 1980s, the orange jerseys are exceptionally unpleasant and far inferior to those of the Color Rush presentation of the white tiger.

20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: I lovedthe Creamsicles as a child, although the Errol Flynn logo was unreliable, though unique. However, I also fully supported the 1997 makeover, the beautifully matched pirate and tattered flag to replace Errol. But Nike definitely blew it with the alarm clock t-shirts introduced in 2014. Please, Bucs, return those digitized clocks … as far as necessary.

19. Denver Broncos: Since Nike radically changed them in 1997, Swooshiness has long been an issue of influence of the corporation, the franchise has won three Super Bowls, so … Personally, I prefer the orange Color Rush with the helmet logo "D" from The Best of John Elway.

Looking pretty good, folks. (Photo: Kevin Jairaj, USA Today Sports)

18. New England Patriots: He is not as good as the host of "Pat the Patriot", but the perennial power has a generally elegant appearance now linked to Lombardis.

17. Buffalo bucks: Back to white helmets and the style of the 1970s has helped a franchise that lost its way at the turn of the century, when ugly pipes and multiple shades of blue messed up everything.

16. New York Giants: It was nice to see the occasional return of the GIANTS Logo block with which I grew up and which I became famous for Lawrence Taylor. The colors of the resurrected 60s are also good, although the G-Men look better with white pants than with gray.

15. Houston Texans: I always appreciated how simple and consistent they have kept it, the logo incarnated neatly the Texas flag and the recognizable cattle of the state.

14. San Francisco 49ers: Back on solid ground after questionable experiments over the years.

13. Chicago Bears: Old School. Pure. I love the retention of George Halas' initials on his left shoulder. I would not mind seeing the white "C" logo of the Butkus and Sayers years over and over again.

12. Minnesota Vikings: The crescent of the golden helmet confused me as a child, but it was a wonderful revelation when I realized that the horn was protruding from a golden Viking helmet. They have ruled out some unfortunate tweaks, and have returned to the course with that discreet silhouette of boat on the shoulders.

11. Green Bay Packers: Get away of The setbacks, and they are in good shape. Color Rush all green can be good.

10. Indianapolis Colts: I am partial because my father praises his old helmet Johnny Unitas. But the simplicity, which is rarely altered, despite the amount of silver in the 80s, still resonates in the horseshoe.

9. Kansas City Chiefs: Virtually unchanged for almost six decades, there is no reason to fix what is not broken. The arrowhead logo is a beauty.

8. Dallas Cowboys: The clbadics Shouting at the original GM Tex Schramm, who dressed them in white at home, so his fans were treated regularly with a variety of colors while the visiting team wore a lot of rotating house shirts. I have always thought that Dallas blue jerseys were very underestimated … and their alternative looks with ugly shoulders at the opposite end of the spectrum.

7. Philadelphia Eagles: This model will always be badociated with the much anticipated advance of the Super Bowl. And who does not love those helmet wings? Still, on a visceral level, it looks like they should be in Kelly Green instead of "Midnight Green," right?

6. Los Angeles Rams: It has been nice to see them retrograde to both the white horns and the yellow horns of their previous AA period. For the neophytes in uniform, it was the Rams who gave us the logos of the helmets, courtesy of former player Fred Gehrke in 1948. Hopefully the franchise does not think too much with a change scheduled for 2020, when the new stadium opens.

5. New Orleans Saints: Very underestimated. Gold and black provide a perfect contrast, while fleur-de-lis incorporates an optimal relationship with the civic person.

4. Seattle Seahawks: No doubt the purists will not agree, but have enjoyed the best redesign of Nike. The basic feathers, the link to the fan base of "12s" (including the 12 inside the neck), the distinctive navy and the "Action Green" and the revised Seahawk totem are seamlessly integrated with the spirit of the Northwest from Pacific.

3. Los Angeles Chargers: Lightning helmets rule. And the sweet variety, the Color Rush of all the kings could be said to be the best in the NFL. Still, I miss the helmet numbers when they use the famous light blue. And the shoulder and leg bolts were much smarter before the alteration of 2007, and, frankly, I preferred the navy blue helmet and the white bolts of the LaDainian Tomlinson days with the blue powder as a welcome gift.

2. Pittsburgh Steelers: Great colors (which, like Seattle, reflect the city), a great logo, the trio of hypocycloids that goes back to the Steelmark symbol used by the American Iron and Steel Institute, and I love that the left side of the helmet is empty. I even love the new version of Color Rush, totally black, which fortunately replaced those bumblebees.

1. Oakland Raiders: The uniform gold standard since the trademark of Silver & Black is caught with the blackened shield in 1964. Even when they play poorly, they look spectacular. Lonely tip: Black-on-black Color Rush.


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