How concerned should I be with the dog bone warning from the FDA?


Dog owners love to treat their pets, but what if those treats are not healthy for your dog?

According to an FDA report, some "bone treats" have been making dogs sick. The report describes bone treats as store-bought, packaged bones that often dry and contain spices and preservatives. According to the report, the FDA has received almost 70 reports of dogs that have become ill with sweets, and the agency reports that 15 dogs have died.

"I think when you put that in the context of the whole country, it's a fairly small amount of problems and there are certainly other things that can create problems," said Dr. Stephen Skinner, a veterinarian at the Knoxville Animal Clinic.

Dr. Skinner said that dog owners should not be too worried.

"Maybe if you're thinking about a new treatment, this is not the option to choose," said Skinner. "If your dog has had in the course of his life, you have been giving them these femurs of cow or pig femurs or whatever for years and they have done well, I do not think that this report would be a reason to stop giving those . "

The FDA did not remember any candy and the report did not include any specific company.

Dr. Skinner says that, in general, some dogs do not always handle pork products well. He said to make sure that a bone is not too hard to damage your dog's teeth. Dr. Skinner said to avoid giving your dog turkey or chicken bones because they are too brittle if they are cooked, and if they are not cooked they could cause salmonella. He said you always supervise your dog when you give him a new treatment.

Dr. Skinner says he is also a smart consumer.

"You know that company, and you know they put a quality product, you'll probably get a quality product, whatever you get," said Skinner.

At CitiFid-O in downtown Knoxville, store owner Terri Karlsson said that everything she sells has to pbad her own test.

"I have four dogs of my own, I also research about the product and the company," Karlsson said.

Add that there are many other treats for dogs besides bones.

"If you're going to give your dog a bone, make sure it does not splinter and make sure it's big enough so the dog does not try to swallow it," Karlsson said.

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