How ‘Cobra Kai’ Obscenely Goes to Number 1 on Netflix

Digital series which stars mostly The original cast of the 1980s “Karate Kid” films began three years ago on YouTube Red, now known as the site’s subscription service YouTube Premium, and ran for two seasons.

It garnered critical acclaim, and also a couple of Emmy nominations, but it lacked a large audience.

Netflix announced in June that it revoked the rights to “Cobra Kai” as YouTube moved away from premium scripted original content.

The first two seasons landed on Netflix on Friday, and quickly peaked at No. 1 on the platform’s trending rank.

According to Parrot Analytics, demand for the series rose 110% during the week of August 23-29. While the series became available only on Netflix on Friday, Parrot Analytics expects the number to increase further in the coming days. A third season, which will be released as Netflix’s original series, is expected to arrive in 2021.

This is not the first time Netflix has revived a show and made it a hit. In 2018, Netflix picked up “Lucifer” as the original after Fox’s three seasons canceled the show. Comic book drama has risen on Netflix’s Top 10 show list several times since its arrival on stage.

“Cobra Kai” has eliminated “Lucifer” from Handil Crane in the No. 10 spot on Netflix’s Top 10 in single weekends.