How can the Dolphins help Tua Tagovailoa the most in 2021 based on the 2020 game?

One thing that has become abundantly clear about the Miami Dolphins is that the team needs to identify some new wide receivers to blend into the current group. The game costs some dynamic ability in Miami due to injuries and heavy play, especially with rookie quarterback Tua Tagovelloa under control. And while the Dolphins have the luxury of having Ryan Fitzpatrick to serve as a “spark” from time to time, that is not a permanent model.

Why does Fitzpatrick work in some places where Tagovailoa is not currently in the form of standing things? Fitzpatrick is more willing, as a passerby, to fly closer to the sun, for better and for worse. Tight windows do not phase him. He masters the mental side of the game – even though he is often undisciplined in its execution. And while the floor for Miami is high with Tagovalloa with his attentiveness to ball safety, Miami certainly sees his talented flashes with a quarterback who is more willing to test coverage.

And this is where the Dolphins can help Tagovilao most of all this offseason: not only by targeting better pass catchers, but by targeting a different kind of pass catcher. The Dolphins should focus on whether Tagovelloa’s preference is to watch their receivers before throwing the football to see which receiver they bring to the roster and plan accordingly.

More players like DeVante Parker and Preston Williams, who win the most times late en route? This is meaningless and not to the strength of Tagovelloa. The Dolphins need to find wide receivers who win their routes quickly and on the line of scrimmage. Explosive athletes and route technicians alike qualify for consideration, but this change should be on the menu for the Dolphins’ shopping list.

Followers of the team opposed the notion when it was indicated that the Miami Dolphins were transitioning to Tagovilao Middenson to find out what their rogues are at quarterback. But in all honesty, it was true – just in a different kind of context. Miami has spent the last half of this season evaluating Tagovailoa to determine whether he needs to be replaced but not how he plays and the Dolphins to establish the best, most effective supporting cast around him What is needed to be done.

They have found their answer. Now the time has come to start acting on this new information.


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