How can Delta offer ‘Kovid-free’ for Europe?

The person in the mask on a plane, applying hand sanitizer.  He has a row to himself.

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Is delta Visit now “Quarantine-free “ Flights to europe, Which ones, They are also billing as a bold move “Exempt from COVID.” If only it was so easy to guarantee that Coronovirus WuBut should not be Aeroplane. Uses test protocol to reduce flights Chance Someone with COVID makes Although it is on board.

So far the airline is offering two Such routes, OFrom Atlanta to Amsterdam More than one Atlanta to Rome. Both Italy and the Netherlands are required to quarantine passengers, but have agreed that those entering countries on these flights can circumvent that ban.

He said, nEither country currently allows tourist travel, so these flights are for people with legitimate work, school, or health reasons to travel.

Flights will run at less than full capacity, with the middle seats blocked and applied wearing masks. Delta describes pre-flight The test protocol is as follows:

To fly on Delta’s COVID-tested flights between Atlanta and Rome, customers must test negative for COVID-19:

  • A COVID polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test 72 hours before departure
  • A rapid test was conducted at the airport in Atlanta before boarding
  • A fast test on arrival in Rome-Fimicino
  • A rapid test in Rome-Fimicino before leaving for the United States

Customers will also be asked to provide information about entry into the US to support the CDC contact-tracing protocol.

Delta reports that the state of Georgia and the governments of the Netherlands and Rome have agreed to the protocol, and that mathematical modeling suggests that the risk of contracting COVID on such a flight is reduced.

That said, it is impossible to ensure that the flight is actually COVID free. For example, in which case you will test negative on a very fast test, for example, you may be exposed to COVID.

This option can also be useful when you need to travel for essential reasons, especially if you are at high risk. Delta has not said what will happen if you book your flight and then test positive at the airport, or if you fly and then test positive upon landing.


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