How Bill Gates is spending safely during the pandemic

This week, many Americans, including Bill Gates, are grappling with how to change the Thanksgiving ceremony to remain safe during the Kovid-19 epidemic. The Microsoft co-founder shared his thanksgiving plan in an interview with CNN’s Farid Zakaria on Sunday.

“We are rarely compared to our family members, who are at home in Washington with their wife Melinda and their three children,” said Gates. Jennifer, 24: Rory, 21; and Phoebe, 18.

Gates said he is establishing a video connection with a lot of family members on Thanksgiving Day, but [will] He shouldn’t have to go to turkey with them, “he said. (Gates is also hosting virtual” trips with friends where we drink alcohol “during the epidemic, he said on his new podcast,” Bill Gates and Rashida Jones Big Question. “)

This year, “this is not a time when enough people will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving the way they want,” Gates said.

The Center for Disease Control advised Americans not to travel during the holiday on Thursday, and emphasized that even medium-sized gatherings with people outside your home can increase infection. According to Johns Hopkins University data, Kovid-19 cases in the US are above 12.25 million, with a seven-day average of 170,855 nationally on Sundays.

Gates also emphasized the importance of wearing masks on holidays, and estimated that wearing masks on the show could save more than 50,000 lives. Face masks prevent the spread of respiratory droplets from an infected person, as well as provide a degree of protection for the wearer.

The country’s leading infectious disease specialist and a long-time friend of Gates, Drs. Anthony Fauci said he is not spending Thanksgiving in an effort to stop the spread of his adult children, who live in different parts of the country.

Fauci said families should analyze risk and risk before making a decision.

Fauci told NBC News, “You don’t want to shut it down, but you at least want to give you and your family the benefit of what the risk-benefit of doing it is …” on Sunday. . “You just need to consider it and make your decision.”

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