How bad is NFC Ex? FPI says it could produce a four-win playoff team

How low can the division winner go? The NFC East sets it up for a trial.

The teams’ .229 combined winning percentage is the second-worst for any division through Week 6 since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger. Without their starting quarterback Dac Prescott, the Dallas Cowboys (2-4) are ranked first, being out for the rest of the season.

If this sounds bleak, here’s the pick-me-up: The NFC East should get two wins this week, until the Philadelphia Eagles (1-4-1) produce another tie.

It is difficult to choose a winner in this division. It’s like being forced to go to a pumpkin patch and choose from the still distorted options a day before Halloween. Even the winner will not be beautiful.

ESPN’s Football Power Index (FPI) predicts that there is a 28% probability that the NFC East winner will have six or fewer wins. Again, not pretty. He even got a simulation (13 out of 20,000) where the division champion emerged despite winning four.

So 2020.

No one expected such a start to the division, but NFC East reporters Todd Archer (Cowboys), Tim McManus (Eagles), Jordan Ranon (Giants) and John Keim (Washington) predicted that How will the rest of the season play. Out for your teams.

Event: Can the Cowboys also win seven?

Is there a game where you completely win the Cowboys the rest of the season? There is not

And whatever positivity you are thinking of the Cowboys’ opportunities, the other team is feeling the same way they are about to play.

Injuries, turnovers, poor defensive execution.

It has made an extremely disappointing start to the 2020 season, and the rest of the schedule does not show much promise at the moment.

Predefined Finishes: 7-9 – Archer

Event: The Eagles have been sidelined with injuries in each of the last three seasons, but even to them, this is ridiculous.

Quarterback Carson Wentz and center Jason Kelce were the original members of the only offense on the field due to the loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday.

It will be a struggle every week, but with the Prescott losing for the season, the Eagles have a clear-cut top QB in the division at Wenz, as well as a Super Bowl-winning coach at Doug Pederson and some micro-tested veterans.

This should be sufficient for cleanliness in the remaining divisional games.

Predefined Finishes: 6-9-1 – McManus

Event: The Giants won a game, so I think they should be placed in the division mix.

It doesn’t take much these days.

The coaches who were bought into the judge’s program are headed in the right direction.

Their offense is still a mess (Daniel Jones has thrown fewer TD passes than Dwayne Huskins Jr., now No. 3 on the depth chart in Washington), but the defense has made significant progress.

And unlike the Cowboys, at least the judge’s team is showing the fight.

Predefined Finishes: 4-12 – Ravana

Event: Despite a clear desire to win the division, it was a rebuilding season.

Washington has lost five straight games, and four of them had 14 or more points.

Aggressive conflicts were to be expected, but this was not the case with defense, which has a solid front.

Washington has a high number of youngsters, so the second half of the season will be significant – not only in terms of wins and losses, but certainly growth.

Predefined Finishes: 4-12 – Keem


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