How Apple’s split of 124-year-old Dow industrialists will change Peking order

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The iPhone maker announced on Thursday that its board approved the stock split. The split will affect record owners on August 24, and Apple AAPL shares, which closed at $ 384.76 on Thursday, will trade on a split-adjusted basis on August 31. View full story

Silver: No poor man’s gold?

Investors have focused on increasing record prices for gold, but silver has risen nearly 25% in July – the metal’s second-largest monthly gain on record – and is still undervalued compared to yellow metal is. See full story

Dr. Osterholm: Americans will live with coronovirus for decades

On January 20, nine days after Chinese health officials published a DNA sequence for a new coronavirus, which was causing concern in China, Drs. Michael Osterholm, an epidemiologist at the University of Minnesota, wrote in an email: “I’m sure this will cause our next pandemic.” View full story

Strategists say that Apple and Amazon dominate an economy ‘without mouth or nose’

Certainly, the technical results were very good, and they would continue during the epidemic. But a strategist says that bond yields are expected to fall further. See full story

Why S&P 500 can be easy to beat now and what it means for your investment

Tesla would be the latest example of a company’s stock performance weakening in the S&P 500, writes Mark Hubert. See full story

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The proposed liability liability of the HEALS Act would allow consumers and employees to successfully sue for COVID-19 exposure if they could prove ‘gross negligence’ or ‘willful misconduct’. See full story


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